Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык
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1. We all like listening to his lectures.

2. They started working two days ago.

3. His coming so late seemed strange to everybody.

4. Do you mind closing the door?

5. Do you mind my closing the door?

6. Examining the manuscript through a lenses gave interesting results.

7. Excuse my being so late.

8. We regretted our having missed the opening lecture.

9. We regret his not being sent to the conference.

10. There is hardly any person who likes being criticized.

11. Stop asking me about it.

12. It is worth while remembering this rule.

13. These words are worth remembering.

14. I can’t help laughing when I think of it.

15. I don’t feel like telling them all about our plans.

16. He hates being interrupted.

17. It’s no use arguing now.

18. He gave up smoking last year.

19. Your watch wants repairing.

20. t was no good asking him.


Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, проанализируйте функции герундия.


1. The idea of becoming famous attracted him. 2. The noise of the traffic prevented us from speaking. 3. I know he dislikes being interrupted. 4. John insisted on sending the article to the magazine. 5. He was accustomed to having lunch at 1 o’clock. 6. Mrs. Harter couldn’t help smiling at him. 7. The book mustn’t be published without being looked through by the author. 8. William regretted, having mentioned the incident in the bar. 9. She hated being treated like a child. 10. The play was not worth seeing. 11. They parted at the door without having spoken to each other again. 12. Their plan was rejected without having been discussed. 13. I remember reading about it in one of the historical novels. 14. Can you recall having mentioned the fact to anyone?


1. Gossiping and lying go hand in hand. 2. After he had finished packing, the room was in a state of disorder. 3. He’s fond of making jokes. 4. When I began writing I liked it very much. 5. Why can’t you stop eating so much? 6. Without waiting for her answer he turned and left us. 7. Meeting old friends is my greatest pleasure. 8. You can’t be there in time without catching a taxi. 9. You will achieve a lot by telling the truth. 10. The teacher went on explaining the use of the gerund. 11. I had had a lot of thoughts since leaving the office. 12. She accused him of having stolen her purse. 13. All the happiness of my life depends on your loving me. 14. I stretched out my hand to prevent her from falling. 15. We are looking forward to seeing you again.


Дополните пропуски нужными предлогами


1. He was afraid … losing Irene forever. 2. I wondered if I should apologize … having said it. 3. He insisted … coming downstairs with her and putting her into a cab. 4. He assured us it was the easiest way … doing it. 5. He never succeeded … teaching her to drive. 6. I haven’t thanked you … saving my life yet. 7. There is no use … trying to stop him. 8. He passed through the crowd of merry people in the square … seeing anybody. 9. I’m tired … repeating the same thing several times. 10. I suspect him … telling lies all the time. 11. Her father strongly objected … smoking. 12. I remember … reading something about it in the paper.


4. Сравните причастия и герундий. Переведите предложения:


1. определения

The reading student is my friend. Generators producing electricity get their power from steam or water turbines.

2. обстоятельства (без предлога; может употребляться с союзом when или while)

(When) adding heat we can change the state of a substance.

3. части сказуемого ( простого глагольного )

Mathematics is developing rapidly and is entering other sciences.



1. определения

There stands a reading lamp on the table.

Another way of producing electricity is by means of generators.

2. обстоятельства ( всегда с предлогом )

Upon adding heat we can change the state of a substance.

3. части сказуемого ( именного составного )

The purpose of this research is developing some new kinds of coloured films.


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