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1. As printed, each sentence is divided into a number of words. and it is a general belief that a spoken sentence consists of a number of separate sounds.

2. Performances given in our country by actors from different countries have testified to the great cultural advances being made by the countries concerned.

3. In Finland until modern times the only literary language known was the foreign language, Swedish, used by the upper classes, the Finnish language spoken by the mass of the people being looked down.

4. Speaking somewhat inexactly, it may be said that language is the product of the thought of a nation.

5. New words are best learned in an inductive way, i. e. when found applied, when seen in their proper surroundings.

6. Some modern scholars think of the Anglo-Saxons as being substantially one people, while others adhere to the distinction drawn between the Angles and the Saxons.

7. She heard him coming up the stairs slowly, as if he were carrying something heavy.

8. Asked what changes had taken place in the life in the country he replied that a comparison between the last two years would suffice to throw light on this question.

9. Charing Cross is an open space to the South of Trafalgar Square; here until removed by Parliament during the Civil War (1647) stood Eleanor' Cross, a Gothic monument, erected in 1291 by Edward I, the Bloody Conqueror and oppressor of Wales and Scotland.

10. The medieval school libraries in London have been neglected to a considerable extent. In many cases, there has been no librarian, except, perhaps, a honorary one, he being a member of the teaching staff, and the books have been dealt with in a fashion not deemed likely to make the collection as valuable to staff or students as it might be.

11. The coffee drunk in the famous coffee-houses of that period was imported by the East India Company.

12. Geographically, the term "West Africa" covers an area of about three million square miles, extending as it does to include the coastal lands from Senegal to the Cameroons.

13. As already observed, the work under consideration is not primarily Linguistic in nature and does not introduce new linguistic data.

14. The position of this man being one of great responsibility and honour. he naturally became the subject of observation to all the numerous members of this great household.

15. The port referred to was also used as an arsenal and as a convict settlement.

16. The negotiations between the American and British representatives were conducted behind the closed doors, with the measures having been taken that no correspondent should receive any information.

The plant produces large quantities of iron, most of the iron being turned

17. Gold is known to be the least chemically active of all the metals and does not combine with oxygen to form rust.

18. One of the principle uses of copper is to produce alloys.

19. Hydrogen has been proved to be the most abundant element in the Universe.

20. To convert a fraction into a decimal, divide the denominator into the numerator.

21. Historians suppose the name “London” to come from two Celtic words.

22. For this material to be published next year you must prepare it as soon as possible.


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