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1. It is recognized that equivalence in both meaning and style cannot always be retained. When, therefore, one must be abandoned for the sake of the other, the meaning must have priority over the stylistic forms.

2. The bibliographies at the close of each chapter have again been brought up to date,[4] though they have at the same time also been somewhat simplified.

3. The opportunity has been taken here to publish a revised edition covering a much wider and more representative selection of London’s libraries.

4. These two individuals, the speaker and the hearer, and their relations to one another should never be lost sight of, if we want to understand the nature of language, and that part of language which is dealt with in grammar.

5. People are influenced by the pronunciation and words they hear on the radio and TV or in spoken motion pictures, and our radio and TV-picture language is imitated more and more by the people who hear it so that our language tends to become more and more uniform all the time.

6. It is assumed by many people that a repetition of a word will make the meaning more emphatic, but this is not always the case.[5]

7. Simpler forms are substituted for the older, and the vocabulary is enriched by the accession of a vast number of new words.

8. As new things were invented, they were given names built up from Latin and Greek roots.

9. There can be little doubt that the Angles, Saxons and Jutes were a mixture of many tribal elements; though after they had been settled a few generations in England, Angles were being addressed as Saxons, Saxons were calling themselves Angles and the whole conglomeration was being referred to as Englishmen and their language as English speech.

10. Roman Latin had become the standard, normal speech of all Italy and after the first century A.D. no reference was made to local accents or dialectal variations.



1. This term is used to describe a newly developed electronic device.

2. Care was taken not to overburden the paper with too many quotations.

3. This opportunity should not be lost sight of.

4. The distribution of plants is greatly affected by local conditions.

5. The big names in ferrous metals were established long ago.

6. It is possible however, that too much emphasis has been placed upon this factor.

7. It was thought useful to apply this method here.

8. Further progress in metallurgy was tightly linked with the invention of electric arc furnace.

9. A word or two may be said as to the plan upon which the report is constructed.

10. He was admired not only for his technical skill but also for his ability to attract people.

11. Steel production is generally subdivided into two main production routes: integral (by iron ore) and electric (by scrap iron) steelmaking.

12. Engineering is often defined as making practical application of theoretical sciences such as physics and mathematics.

13. The great engineering works of ancient times were constructed and operated largely by slave labour.

14. Data is collected and converted into a form suitable for computer processing by means of input hardware.

15. There is often a special sequence of procedures which is involved in the establishment of the working principles of science.

16. The directive dated 24 September 1996 and titled “Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control” has been in force since 1999, whilst the plants in operation must be in conformity with it not before October 2007.

17. First steam engines and then other kinds of machines took over more and more of the work that had previously been done by men or animals.

18. As is readily seen, the problems and questions in regard to this subject are far more numerous than solutions.

19. The matter, in which the various individual systems are connected – by phone lines, microwave transmission, or satellite – is an element of the total computer system.

20. Difficulties are often met with in solving the systems of automatic control.

21. The rearrangement of atoms into new molecules is accompanied by the liberation or absorption of heat.

22. Special attention should be paid to the problem of direct conversion of energy into electricity.

23. At present scientists are engaged in research into friction and wear-and-tear resistance.

24. Metallurgists studying a new class of aluminium alloys have produced a very durable alloy which is being used in aircraft and rocket engineering.

25. Earth movements were felt across a wide area of the South Pacific from Fiji to Northern New Zeland.



1. Efforts were made to elucidate the problem.

2. The positive particle of the nucleus was given the name of “proton”.

3. It is to be remembered that these data come from different sources.

4. The positive particle of the nucleus was given the name of “proton”.

5. A new type of advanced electronic equipment which is now being introduced at many metallurgical plants is given much attention to.

6. In the arrangement known as the periodic system the elements are distributed in nine vertical columns which are called groups.

7. The entire question cannot be here discussed, but attention should be called to the fact that early metal workers were very skillful in forging.

8. The first two years of studies the students are aimed at general education, comprising humanities, social, political and natural sciences.

9. The pronunciation of a few English words was affected by French, for example “machine” or “police”.

10. The method we are describing here is one that is followed by many producers.

11. As is readily seen, the problems and questions in regard to this subject are far more numerous than solutions.

12. It has been estimated that the results of his invention will bring to the economy of raw material.

13. In Italy alone, approximately 2 million t of slag is generated by electric steel production.

14. The molecules of even a good insulator are reacted upon by an electrical field.

15. The function of a system is influenced by variations in its intake of energy or changes in its environment.

16. International students are admitted to a specific level in a particular field of study at the University, and are not generally allowed to change their plan of study after arrival.

17. A physical state of a substance is affected by its temperature as a substance gets hotter, its molecules move faster and its properties are altered.

18. The difference between analog and digital data is not clearly understood, but it can be demonstrated.

19. Oxygen is found in the protoplasm of all living organisms and is essential for respiration.


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