♦ with the names of cinemas (the Rex), hotels (the Carlton), theatres (the Globe), museums (the British Museum), newspapers/magazines (the Times but: Time magazine), ships (the Mary Rose), organisations (the EU), galleries (the Tate Gallery) ♦ with the names of rivers (the Nile), seas (the Caspian Sea), oceans (the Atlantic), canals (the Panama Canal) ♦ with the names of groups of islands (the Canary Islands), mountain ranges (the Alps), deserts (the Sahara Desert) ♦ with the names of countries when they include words such as state, Kingdom, republic, etc. (the United Kingdom) ♦ with names or nouns with of (the Leaning Tower of Pisa) ♦ with the names of musical instruments and dances. e.g. the piano, the tango ♦ with the names nationalities ending in -sh, -ch or -ese (the French, the Scottish, the Japanese, etc.). Other plural nationalities are used with or without the (the Americans, the Greeks, etc.) ♦ with titles (the King, the Prince of Wales, the President) BUT: ‘The’ is omitted before titles with proper names. Queen Victoria ♦ with the words morning, afternoon, evening and night. e.g. We eat dinner in the evening, but: at night, at noon, at midnight, by day/night, at 4 o'clock, etc. ♦ with historical periods/events, the Middle Ages, the Crimean War (but: World War II) ♦ We use the + adjective to refer to a group of people usually with the adjectives: poor, rich, sick, injured, elderly, unemployed, homeless, disabled, young, old, dead, blind, deaf, handicapped, mentally ill. e.g. The young are usually impatient.   ♦ with proper nouns, e.g. Mark lives in Brighton. ♦ with the names of sports, games, activities, days, months, celebrations, colours, drinks, meals and languages (when they are not followed by the word ‘language’), e.g. I often play chess. We speak German, but: The German language is difficult to learn. ♦ with the names of countries (Italy, but: the Netherlands, the Lebanon, the Sudan, the Vatican City), cities (Paris), streets (Oxford Street, but: the High Street, the Strand, the Mall, the London road, the A19, the M6 motorway), squares (Trafalgar Square), bridges (Tower Bridge but: the Bridge of Sighs, the Humber Bridge), parks (Hyde Park), railway stations (Victoria Station), mountains (Ben Nevis), individual islands (Tahiti), lakes (Lake Geneva), continents (Africa) ♦ with two-word names when the first word is the name of a person or place Gatwick Airport, Windsor Castle BUT: the White House (because White' is not the name of a person or place) ♦ with names of pubs, restaurants, shops, banks and hotels named after the people who started them and end in -s or -’s. (Lloyds Bank, Harrods, Dave's Pub but: the Red Lion (pub) (because ‘Red’ is not the name of a person or place) ♦ with the words bed, church, college, court, hospital, prison, school, university, sea when we refer to the purpose for which they exist. e.g. Sarah went to school. (She is a student.) BUT: Her father went to the school to see her teacher yesterday. (He went to the school as a visitor.) ♦ with the word work (= place of work). e.g. He is at work. ♦ with the words home, Father/Mother when we talk about our own home/parents, e.g. Father is at home. ♦ with by + means of transport: by bus/car/train/ plane, etc. e.g. She travelled by bus. BUT: She left on the 8 o’clock bus this morning. ♦ with the names of illnesses, e.g. He’s got malaria. but: flu/the flu, measles/the measles, mumps/the mumps



Exercise 24. Fill in the gaps with one of the words from the list adding ‘the’ where necessary. Use each word twice.

prison school bed sea hospital


1. The minute we reached the beach, the children ran into … to swim.

2. My brother is in the navy. He is at … for months sometimes.

3. I usually go to … at about 11 pm to get a good night’s sleep.

4. The cat is sitting on ….

5. The Prime Minister visited … yesterday and talked to the prisoners.

6. The men who robbed the bank are in   … now.

7. The ambulance took the injured people to ….

8. I must go to … to visit my aunt. She’s had an operation.

9. We saw the children in their classrooms as we walked past ….

10. I want to go to university when I leave ….


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