Exercise 6. (Revision.) Use an indefinite article where possible
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1. Margaret has got ... very long dark hair.

2. Do you have ... grandfather?

3. My brother-in-law is ... writer and his wife is ... doctor.

4. These are ... difficult sentences.

5. Once there lived … captain brave.

6. She has ... velvet dress.

7. This isn’t ... snow, this is ... ice.

8. He is ... good-looking man.

9. Is she ... college graduate?

10. We had ... very good weather when we were on holiday.

11. It was rather ... difficult job.

12. Cats are ... domestic animals.

13. He is such ... clever man.

14. It was quite ... nice party.

15. There is ... garden behind our house.

16. What ... fine building!

17. Miss Chapman is ... teacher.

18. Such ... good news!

19. These are ... pretty Japanese girls.

20. I have... father, ... mother, ... sister and ... brother.

21. There is ... apple tree and ... cherry trees in my father’s garden.

22. It’s ... pleasure to talk to you.

23. Mr. Ashby and Mr. Lark are ... lawyers.

24. My favourite dish is ... roast meat.

25. Lions and tigers are ...wild animals.

26. The humming-bird is ... very rare bird.

27. This isn’t ... ink, this is ... blood.

28. Jane’s father, ... professor of Physics, knows a lot.

29. Mike, ... very naughty boy, always gets on my nerves.

30. You know, I’m ... writer, just ... beginner.

31. I am ... lucky guy. I have ... beautiful wife, ... healthy kids, ... world of ... rich relatives, ... Rolls-Royce, ... nice house and ... million in the bank.

32. What ... great idea!

33. It is such ... precious advice!

34. What ... pity!


Exercise 7. (Revision.)


Situation: two friends are in the country, they are having a rest and talking.


Task 1: read their dialogue, use articles where necessary. Act out the dialogue.

-   What’s this? This is ... butterfly, isn’t it?

-   Oh, yes. This is ... rare butterfly.

-   Such ... beautiful creature!

-   Yes, what ... extraordinary colour it has! It’s ... pity, I don’t have ... butterfly of such ... kind in my collection. I have got only... butterflies with blue wings.

-   It has ... red wings.

-   Have you got ... camera with you? I know you are ... good photographer.

-   Oh, you are ... flatterer.

-   I am not. I just want to have ... picture of it.

-   I know you are ... art lover. Let’s take ... picture.

-   What ... great masterpiece it will be!


A butterfly - бабочка,

Rare - редкий,

A creature - существо, создание,

Extraordinary - необычный,

A wing - крыло,

 A photographer

A flatterer - льстец,      

An art lover - ценитель искусства,

A masterpiece - шедевр.


Task 2. Imagine that you are in one of the following places:

- An art exhibition

- A dog show

- A clothes shop

Make up your own dialogue, act it out. Mind the use of articles.




The Definite Article is used with uncountable nouns and countable nouns both in the Singular and Plural forms. We use it to show that the noun denotes a particular object, thing, person or notion (to single out an object or a person from others of the same class) i.e. to individualize it (the individualizing function).

The object or the person can be individualized by:
a) a limiting attribute or
b) a situation.

e.g. How did you like the play? (a situation)

Where is the key? (a situation)

(For lunch I had a sandwich.) The sandwich wasn’t very nice. (a situation: the object is mentioned for the second time)

This is the house that Jack built (a limiting attribute).

The walls in my room are painted blue (a limiting attribute).

a) NB! A limiting attribute should not be confused with a descriptive attribute, which is used to describe an object or to give some additional information about it.

e.g. I have a wonderful clock which is 100 years old. (descriptive attribute)
We have received a letter containing interesting information. (descriptive attribute)


Limiting attributes:

-   such adjectives as “wrong”, “right”, “very (тот самый)”, “next”, "following”, “only”, “whole”, etc;

-   adjectives in the superlative degree;

-   ordinal numerals (the first, the twenty-second, the eleventh, etc.)
* but: a noun + cardinal numeral = Zero Article ( page 23, bus №11, etc.)

-   the pronoun “same”:

e.g. You are the very person I need.

It is the right answer.

Max is the only son of the Smiths.

We have more time the following week.

The highest mountains are in Asia.

She is the most beautiful girl I have ever met.

It is the first and the last time when I ask you.


b) We use “the” when it is clear in the situation which thing or person we mean. For example, in a room we talk about ‘the light/ the floor/ the ceiling/ the door/ the carpet’ etc.

e.g. Can you turn on the light, please? (= the light in the room)

Where is the toilet, please? (= the toilet in this house)

The postman was late yesterday (our usual postman).

I took a taxi to the station (= the station in this town).

We got to the airport just in time for our flight.


Also we say: the police / the fire-brigade / the army/ the bank / the post office / the doctor / the dentist:

e.g. I must go to the bank to change some money and then I’m going to the post office to buy some stamps (the speaker thinks of a particular bank or post office).
 e.g. John isn’t very well. He has gone to the doctor (= his doctor).


The Definite Article is used with the name of the whole family: e.g. the Browns (семья Браунов), the Smiths (семья Смитов), etc.


We use the Definite Article with a noun denoting a unique thing: the sun, the moon, the sky, the earth, the world, the globe, the universe, the Milky Way, the ground, the cosmos, the atmosphere; unique person: the President, the manager, the director, the captain, the monitor, etc.; unique notions; the present, the past, the future, the plural, the North, the South, the East, the West, the equator, the horizon, the post, the press, the telegraph, the telephone, the radio.


But: TV, (the) television.

e.g. The sun was shining in the sky .

The president is elected every 4 years.

Paris is the capital of France.

The captain was standing on the deck.

The telephone in this town is as private as the radio.


NB 1! Exception: we say “space" but not “the space” when we mean space in the universe:

e.g. There are millions of stars in space.


NB 2! The Indefinite Article can be used when we mean a certain state or aspect of the unique thing.

e.g. A pearl-white moon smiles through the green trees.

A new president will be elected in 4 years.



Exercise 8.Complete these sentences using “the” + noun (denoting an object individualized by the situation)

Example: It was getting dark in the room, so I turned on... (the light).

1. There were no chairs, so we all had to sit on ....

2. As soon as I saw the fire, I called ….

3. We didn’t have any stamps, so we had to go to ....

4. I had a toothache, so I made an appointment with ....

5. Ann had to catch a train, so I took her to ....

6. When we found that someone had broken into our house, we called ....

7. Bill wasn’t feeling well, so he went to ....

8. We didn’t have any money, so we had to go to….

9. The plane was delayed, so we had to wait at ... for three hours.

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