Exercise 22. Read the text and fill in the gaps with a preposition from the list below. There may be several possibilities
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above down to at in out of behind
into over through up across past on

Mary’s Day Out

The sun rose ___ Mary’s house. It was a beautiful day. Mary came ___ her front door and went ___ the path, ___ the gate and ___ the street. She crossed ___ the road and walked ___ the bus stop. The bus arrived and she got ___ the bus. It went round the corner, ___ the High Street, ___ all the shops and ___ the countryside. It stopped ___ the duck pond ___ the next village, and Mary got off. She climbed ___ a stile and started walking ___ a big field. Suddenly, she saw a huge bull running towards her! She raced ___ the far side of the field and squeezed through the hedge. Out of breath, she sat down ___ the grass ___ the river. She leant back against a rock. The sun was warm. Mary closed her eyes and listened to the water flowing by. Soon she was fast asleep. When she awoke, the sun had disappeared ___ the horizon. Suddenly, Mary felt that there was somebody else ___ the field. She turned round and saw the bull ___ her. It slept ___ the grass. Without a second thought Mary left in a hurry.


Exercise 22. Read the text and choose the correct preposition.

 Hi Sara!


We're looking forward to seeing you next Sunday  (under/at/above) the campsite. We're having a good time. Sam and I run (until/at/in) the mornings. Anna swims (in/on/under) the pool, and Eve gets croissants for our breakfast (on/at/to) a baker's in town. Then from about ten o'clock (from/till/at) lunch, we do what we want. There's a wood (above/from/behind) the campsite, so sometimes I go for a walk. We normally have lunch (at/to/on) one o' clock, and then we go (in/at/on) the car to the seaside. Sometimes we have a picnic (above/on/in) the beach, or we drive to one of the towns or cities nearby.

(At/On/From) the moment, I'm emailing you from an internet café (under/on/in) Perpignan. (On/In/At) night, we cook a meal. I've attached a photo of our kitchen! (On/In/At) the photo you can see there's a small fridge (under/behind/above) the table, and there are lots of pots and pans (under/on/above) the cooker! The weather is beautiful now, but the campsite manager says there was snow a month ago (in/on/at) Easter!


See you soon,


Exercise 23. Read the text and choose the correct preposition.

A Family Meal


Peggy and her husband Bill are having dinner with their children and their guest from

Colombia, Santiago.


BILL: We're (in/on/at/above) the dining room, everyone! Dinner is (in/on/at/above) the table! Where are the twins?

PEGGY: Tom's (behind/at/in/on) town, Bill, and Katie's working (above/until/at/on) eight every day this week to make some extra money.

SANTIAGO: Mia's (at/in/behind/on) home, but I think she's (on/in/at/above) her bedroom.

AMY: Where's my knife, Mummy?

PEGGY: It's on the floor (above/in/to/under) your chair, darling. Give it to me. I’ll wash it for you.

BILL: Did you get your ticket (on/under/at/to) the travel agent's today?

SANTIAGO: No, Bill. I got there at a quarter to six, and it was closed. It's open (to/at/in/from) nine thirty to five thirty. I'll go again tomorrow, or I'll buy it (under/in/on/at) the Internet. I hope to fly home (in/on/till/at) the twentieth of June.

PEGGY: But you'll come back again (on/at/this/until) September, won't you, Santiago?

SANTIAGO: That's right. I'm going to study economics (on/at/in/to) university.

Exercise 24. Fill in prepositions.

1. Betty's sister is married ... Doctor Sandford.

2. Is Benny ... home? - No, he is still... the park ... his mother.

3. Look ... the picture (blackboard).

4. Put the notebook ... the drawer.

5. He is not... the room.

6. Come ... the room.

7. Go ... ... the room.

8. He has some friends ... Moscow.

9. Don't put the pencils ... the box.

10. Take the newspaper ... the table.

11. The letter is ... the book.

12. Go ... Room Four.

13. Come ... the blackboard.

14. Take the books and notebooks ... ... your bags!

15. She has a pen ... her hand.

16. Go ... the Institute.

17. Are you fond ... cats?

18. Have you got a dog ... the house?

19. Open your books ... page 25.

20. Thousands ... students study ... our University.

21. Children begin school ... the age ... seven.


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