Exercise 9. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition of time
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Hi Alex,

Can we meet today? I'm flying to Mumbai ___ Friday, and I'd like to talk to you about the trip. Who did you meet when you went there ___ May ___ last year? My trip to Mumbai is quite short. I’ll be back ___ Thursday ___ next week. I'm trying to fix some meetings ___ the moment, but I need your help! Anyway, I'm in a meeting ___ this morning ___ ten ___ eleven, but we could meet ___ lunch, if you like. I'm going to visit our Bristol office ___ this afternoon, so could we have an early lunch ___ twelve o'clock perhaps? If that's not possible, maybe we could meet ___ the evening? I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,



Prepositions of place and movement


The book is on the table.

The pencil is in the box.

The boy is at the widow.

The ball is under the table.

The picture is over/above the desk.

The empty suitcase is behind the sofa.

Go into the room.

Take the newspaper out of the bag.

Go to the blackboard.

Take the book from the library.

Take your book from the table and open it.

Please, take your book off the table.

Go down the stairs.

Look up.


Here are some more examples of at, in and on:

at the bus stop at the train station at the office at the doctor's at the supermarket at a party at Sue's (house) at the door at the front/back   in the library in the park in London in Spain in the pool in the photo in a book in the car   on the chair on the shelf on the train on the road on the beach on the first floor on the left/right on page seven on the menu on the internet

Sometimes we don't use the:

at home at school at college at work in bed in town in hospital    



Exercise 10. Look at the pictures and answer the questions. Use in/at/on and the words in brackets.

1. Where is the man?

2. Where are the shoes?

3. Where is the pen?

4. Where is the clock?

5. Where is the bus?

6. Where are the horses?

7. Where are the people standing?

8. Where is she swimming?

9. Where is he standing?

10. Where is the spider?

11. Where is he sitting?

12. Where is she sitting?


Exercise 11. Look at the pictures and answer the questions. Use in/at/on and the words in brackets.

1. Where is she?

2. Where are they?

3. Where is he?

4. Where are they?

5. Where are the stars?

6. Where are they?

7. Where is Brian?

8. Where is the restaurant?

9. Where is she?

10. Where are they?

11. Where are they?

12. Where are they?



Exercise 12. Put in in/at/on.

1. Don’t sit … the grass. It’s wet.

2. What have you got … your bag?

3. Look! There’s a man … the roof. What’s he doing?

4. There are a lot of fish … this river.

5. Our house is number 45 – the number is … the door.

6. Is the cinema near here? – Yes, turn left … the traffic lights.

7. I usually do my shopping … the city centre.

8. My sister lives … Brussels.

9. There’s a small park … the top of the hill.

10. I think I heard the doorbell. There’s somebody … the door.

11. Munich is a large city … the south of Germany.

12. There are a few shops … the end of the street.

13. It’s difficult to carry a lot of things … a bicycle.

14. I looked at the list of names. My name was … the bottom of the list.

15. There is a mirror … the wall … the living room.

16. Helen is studying law … university.

17. There was a big table … the middle of the room.

18. What’s the longest river … the world?

19. Were there many people … the concert last night?

20. Will you be … home tomorrow afternoon?

21. Who is that man … this photograph? Do you know him?

22. Where are your children? Are they … school?

23. George is coming by train. I’m going to meet him … the station.

24. Charlie is … hospital. He’s going to have an operation tomorrow.

25. How many pages are there … this book?

26. Are you hungry after your journey? – No, I had a meal … the train.

27. I’m sorry, I’m late. My car broke down … the way here.

28. Is Tom here? – No, he’s … his brother’s.

29. Don’t believe everything you see … the newspaper.

30. I walked to work but I came home … the bus.


Exercise 13. Write to or in.

1. I like reading … bed.

2. We're going … Italy next month.

3. Sue is on holiday … Italy at the moment.

4. I must go … the bank today.

5. I was tired, so I stayed … bed late.

6. What time do you usually go … bed?

7. Does this bus go … the centre?

8. Would you like to live … another country?


Exercise 14. Write to or at if necessary.

1. Paula didn’t go … work yesterday.

2. I'm tired. I’m going … home.

3. Ann is not very well. She has gone … the doctor.

4. Would you like to come … a party on Saturday?

5. Is Liz … home? – No, she's gone … work.

6. There were 20,000 people … the football match.

7. Why did you go … home early last night?

8. A boy jumped into the river and swam … the other side.

9. There were a lot of people waiting … the bus stop.

10. We had a good meal … a restaurant and then we went back … the hotel.


Exercise 15. Write to, at or in if necessary.

1. I’m not going out this afternoon. I’m staying … home.

2. We’re going … a concert tomorrow evening.

3. I went … New York last year.

4. How long did you stay … New York?

5. Next year we hope to go … Canada to visit some friends.

6. Shall we go … the cinema this evening?

7. Is there a restaurant … the station?

8. After the accident three people were taken    … hospital.

9. How often do you go … the dentist?

10. Is Diane here? – No, she’s … Ann’s.

11. My house is … the end of the street on the left.

12. I went … Mary’s house but she wasn't … home.

13. There were no taxis, so we had to walk … home.

14. What did you study … university? – I didn’t go    … university.

15. What time do you usually get … work?

16. What time do you usually get … home?

17. What time did you arrive … the party?

18. When did you arrive … London?

19. What time does the train get … Paris?

20. We arrived … home very late.


Exercise 16. Complete these sentences about yourself. Use to/in/at.

At three o’clock this morning I was ….

Yesterday I went ….                       

At 11 o’clock yesterday morning I was ….

One day I’d like to go ….

I don’t like going ….

At 9 o’clock yesterday evening I was ….


Exercise 17. Fill in the blanks with prepositions of place at, in, on.

1. Excuse me, can you tell me where the concert hall is? – Turn ___ the right ___ the roundabout. It's ___ the corner of the square.

2. We spent our holiday___ the south coast of France.

3. He lives ___ the tenth floor ___ the centre of the city.

4. There was a black spot___ the back of the letter.

5. There were no vacant chairs to sit ___, so he sat____ the armchair ___ the corner.

6. Do you know that Englishmen drive ___ the left?

7. Look, how many stars there are ___ the sky!

8. I'm going ___ the concert ___ the Central Concert Hall tomorrow.

9. The delegation was met___ the airport.

10. I don't want to sit ___the back row, let's sit ___the front.

11. At first it seemed that there wasn't his name ___ the list, but then he found it ___ the bottom of the page.

12. __ my way home I saw Helen. She was standing____ the bus stop.

13. She did not want anybody to see her, so she sat ___the back of the car.

14. We were ____the restaurant yesterday. There were a lot of delicious things___ the menu.

15. Where did you meet? – We met ___ the party ___ the Greens’.

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