Exercise 16. Use the proper article with nouns denoting unique things
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1. Rome is ... capital of Italy.

2. ... Prime Minister of Great Britain is elected every 5 years.

3. ... earth goes round ... sun.

4. ... capital of Peru is Lima.

5. It was ... beautiful day. ... sun shone brightly in ... sky.

6. Don’t sit down on ... ground. It’s wet.

7. ... moon goes round ... earth every 27 days.

8. There are millions of ... stars in ... space.

9. How many planets does ... Solar system contain?

10. … horizon was primrose, and ... earth against it was purple.

11. The huge disk of ... moon was rising in ... east.

12. Agatha Christie is well-known all over ... world.

13. Quite ... new world opened before him.

14. ... clouds broke away and we could see ... full moon.

15. The night was so dark that ... sailors could distinguish neither ... sky nor ... sea.

16. ... high noon sun was very strong.

17. ... president of ... club wants to see you.

18. Who is ... monitor of ... group?

19. I went into ... shop and asked to speak to ... manager.

20. Roger was sent for by ... editor-in-chief.

21. I shall cross ... entire universe.

22. Presently ... sun rose over ... horizon.

23. Don't think about ... future.

24. ... film star had ... particular smile for ... press.

25. I heard ... news on ... radio.

26. He’ll buy... villa in ... North of ... island.

Exercise 17.

Task 1. Read the description of the picture, insert necessary articles.

Have ... look at ... picture. It is ... landscape (пейзаж). It is night. ... sky isn’t covered with ... clouds. ... moon and ... stars are bright. Have ... look at ... ground which is pale (бледный) under ... silver light of ... full moon. ... trees are dark green, ... path leading to ... small house is dark brown. There is no light in ... windows of ... house. ... earth is asleep. Silence covers ... whole world, ... entire universe.

Task 2. Describe a picture (a landscape), express your emotions towards it with 10 sentences using nouns denoting unique objects. Pay attention to the use of the articles.


The Definite Article is used with countable nouns in the Singular form only to indicate that the noun becomes a composite image (собирательный образ) of the class (the generic function).


e.g. The rose is a beautiful flower.

The lion is a dangerous animal.


‘the noun “man” in the generic use takes Zero Article: e.g. Man is a strange creature.


NB 1! Zero Article is used with uncountable and countable nouns in the Plural form in the generic function.


e.g. Roses are beautiful flowers.

Lions are dangerous animals.

Ice is frozen water.


Ø We use “the” with nouns denoting social classes or school or movement in literature or art (both singular and plural forms): the bourgeoisie, the aristocracy, the gentry, the workers, the public, the peasants, the intelligentsia, the romanticists, the impressionists, etc.



Exercise 18. Complete these sentences choosing a word from the brackets. Pay attention to the use of articles.

1. is the tallest animal (elephant / lion / giraffe).

2. is the fastest of all animals (tiger / cheetah / elephant).

3. is a mammal but lives in the sea (octopus / shark / whale).

4. is the largest living bird (eagle / sparrow / ostrich).

5. is the slowest animal (turtle / tortoise / sloth).

6. is the smallest bird (bee / humming–bird / sparrow).

7. is the most precious metal (gold / silver / platinum).

8. are the most beautiful flowers (roses / poppies / cacti).

9. is the biggest fish (shark / dolphin / whale).

10. is the cleverest animal (dolphin / monkey / dog).

11. is the sweetest thing (ice-cream / sugar / dream).


Exercise 19. Answer these questions. Pay attention to the use of articles.

Example: What is your favourite flower? – The rose is my favourite flower.

What are your favourite vegetables? – Tomatoes are my favourite vegetables.


1. What is your favourite tree?

2. Which bird do you like most?

3. What is your favourite car?

4. What is your favourite musical instrument?

5. What is your favourite drink?

6. What is your favourite fruit?

7. Which vegetable do you like most?

8. Which chewing-gum do you like most?

9. What is your favourite dish?

10. What are your favourite domestic animals?

11. What are your favourite wild animals?


Exercise 20. Work in pairs, ask each other about things that you like most of all, i.e. your favourite food, drink, flowers, musical instruments, etc.


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