A down, up, under, below, over, above
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1. Why are you so late? – Our car stuck ___ the bridge.

2. You are cold. Put this plaid ___ your knees.

3. It seems to me that she is ___ twenty-one.

4. There is nothing new ___ the sun.

5. The branch hit me just ___ the elbow.

6. Climb ___ at once! You may fall!

7. My house is ___ the street, on the hill, and my brother lives ___ the street, by the river.

8. We are on the second floor in the dining room now. ___it there used to be a bedroom of the countess and ___ it you can see the famous orangery which has been carefully kept for two centuries already.


Вbefore, in front of, behind, at the back, opposite

1. She likes to stand ___the mirror looking at herself.

2. I like this cottage very much. There is a lawn ___ the house and ___there is a garden.

3. You should return ___sunset.

4. You've come the last. You are ___ me in the queue.

5. At lunch she was sitting ___ me, so I couldn't help looking at her.

6. If you don't want to go here, you may use another exit ___.

7. I want to take your photograph ___ our new jeep.

8. You'll find the church easily. There is a cinema ___ it on the other side of the road.


Сalong, through, across, past

1. Our cottage is rather far. You should drive ___ the church, ___a small wood, then ___ the river (there is a wooden bridge) and finally ___ the wide road. Our house is by this road.

2. Paul is a good swimmer. He can swim ___the river.

3. She went ___ me without saying a word.

4. The burglar got into the house ___ an open window.

5. He ran ___ the lawn and came up to the French window.

6. They went ___ the bank of the river talking loudly.

7. Oil flows ___ a pipeline.

8. When she was going ___ the jewellery shop, her attention was attracted by a necklace in the shop window.


Damong, between

1. Differences in pronunciation ___ British English and American English are numerous.

2. For her there is not much choice ___ Paul and Nick.

3. She could see him ___ people in the crowd.

4. You may divide this money ___ you both.

5. There is an oak tree ___ birches and pines near my house.

6. Tom is the smartest ___ the other students.

7. There has always been a tough competition ___ Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

8. Harvard University comes first ___ the other universities of the USA.

9. ___ you and me, she is a wicked old gossip.


Elike, as


Like is used:

♦ for similarities, e.g. She swims like a fish.

♦ after feel, look, smell, sound, taste + noun. e.g. It feels like silk.

♦ with nouns, pronouns or the -ing form to express similarity or contrast. e.g. There's no place like home. No one can sing like him.


As is used:

♦ to say what smb or smth really is (jobs or roles). e.g. She works as a tour guide. (She is a tour guide.) Harrison Ford was great as Indiana Jones.

♦ in certain expressions: as usual, as ... as, as much, such as, the same as. e.g. He started complaining as usual.

♦ after accept, beknown, class, describe, refer to, regard, use. e.g. He is known as the father of modern medicine.

♦ in clauses of manner to mean “In the way that”. e.g. Do as I tell you.


Exercise 21. Fill in the gaps with like or as.

1. Is he a millionaire? He spends money ___ a sheikh.

2. People ___ the Pitts always fail us.

3. ___ an economist, I can't agree to it.

4. He broke my knife, he used it ___ a tin opener.

5. She is more ___ her father than her mother.

6. I had waited so long for it, it was ___ a dream.

7. I used to work ___ a cabin boy.

8. What has happened to John? He is playing ___ a beginner.

9. ___ the weather is bad (it looks ___ rain), let's stay at home.

10. ___ a newcomer, he couldn't take part in the debate.

11. Tara is a wonderful artist. – Yes. No one else can paint ___ her.

12. I wish Sarah would stop being so immature. – I agree. She acts ___ a child sometimes.

13. How shall I tie my shoelaces? – Do it ___ we taught you.

14. The play last night was fantastic. – Yes. The lead actor was wonderful ___ Macbeth.

15. What does Mark do for a living? – He works ___ a hotel manager.

16. What kind of meat is this? – I'm not sure. It tastes ___   beef.

17. I’ve just bought this dress. – Gosh! It’s exactly the same ___ the one I bought!

18. I’m sure I know that man. – Me too. He looks ___ my old maths teacher.

19. It was far too hot in that room. – I know. It was ___ being in an oven.

20. Eric Clapton is very talented, isn’t he? – Yes. He is known ___ one of the greatest rock musicians of our time.

21. What is Peter cooking? – I don’t know. It smells ___ fish.

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