Exercise 29. Complete the sentences with a preposition
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1. We listened to the news … the radio.

2. Please don’t be late. Try to be here … time.

3. I won’t be here next week. I’m going … holiday.       

4. Did you see Linda? – No, but I talked to her … the phone. 

5. What’s … TV this evening? – There’s a film ... 9 o’clock.

6. In tennis, you hit the ball ... a racket.

7. It’s cold today. Don’t go out ... a coat.

8. Hamlet, Othello and Macbeth are plays … William Shakespeare.

9. Do you know anything ... computers?

10. My grandmother died ... the age of 98.

11. How long does it take from New York to Los Angeles ... plane?

12. I didn’t go to the football match, but I watched it ... television.

13. My house is the one ... the red door on the right.

14. These trains are very fast. They can travel ... very high speeds.

15. I don’t use my car very often. I prefer to go … bike.

16. Can you give me some information ... hotels in this town?

17. I was arrested ... two policemen and taken to the police station.

18. The buses here are very good. They’re nearly always … time.

19. What would you like to drink ... your meal?

20. We travelled from Paris to Moscow ... train.

21. One of the most famous paintings in the world is the Mona Lisa ... Leonardo da Vinci.

Exercise 30. Choose the right variant.

1. He is a wicked boy. I'm sure he did it (by/on) purpose.

2. She shouted (at/to) me that I was wanted (on/to) the phone.

3. Take a pen. You can't sign contracts (by/in) pencil.

4. The voyage was tiring. The sea was rough and we had to be (in/at) sea more than a fortnight.

5. He lives (at/on) a farm somewhere in Texas.

6. Put your signature (on/at) the bottom of the page. Don't write (at/in) the middle, put it (at/on) the right.

7. She made this sweater herself (at/by) hand.

8. He threw an egg (to/at) the speaker. It hit him (on/to) the shoulder.

9. The car that was going (with/at) the speed of 70 miles per hour braked (on/at) the traffic lights.

10. The participants of Greenpeace rally were standing (by/in) a line (in front of/before) the house of the mayor.

11. He was (on/at) work (before/until) 3 o'clock yesterday.

12. He was sent (in/to) prison for shoplifting (at/by) the age of seventeen.

13. (In/On) the whole, I liked our journey. But next year I'd like to go (to/on) a cruise.

14. She is not (by/on) the phone in the country. – Why won't she buy a mobile telephone? It is so convenient. – Her salary's decreased (on/by) two hundred dollars this year and she can't afford it.

15. (From/In) my opinion, she must go (to/on) a diet.

Exercise 31. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions where necessary.

1. I got lost ___ Mike's house! I went ___ my bedroom, went ___ some stairs, walked ___ a corridor, came ___ the lounge, walked ___ an arch, went ___ some stairs and ___ the end I found myself ___ my bedroom again.

2. Do you know that Alice is ___ love ___ Pete?

3. While you dress ___ dinner, I'll go ___ the shop ___the road. I'll be ___ time.

4. The news ___the accident came ___a great shock ___him.

5. Let's look at my school photo. Can you recognize me ___it? – I think you are ___ the left corner. – No, you are mistaken. I am ___ the back ___ the last row.

6. ___the Middle Ages London was rather a big city. In the 16th century (___ the time of Shakespeare) it became a prosperous capital.

7. Sit ___ the armchair and write your name ___block letters ___ the top of the page. Write all dates ___words, not ___ figures.

8. Sicily is an island ___the coast ___Italy.

9. I am afraid, I won't be able to find the theatre. – Oh, our town is rather small and you'll find it easily. Go ___bus till Victoria Station. Turn right ___the square. ___the theatre there are two palms, and ___the theatre there is a swimming pool. ___the theatre there is a coffee bar.

10. The typist sits ___the chair, with a lamp ___her.

11. You didn't do it ___mistake! You did it ___purpose!

12. After the accident I had to go ___hospital ___a while. I was ___hospital ___four days, and then spent another week ___bed ___home.

13. ___the end of the day, most of my colleagues go straight ___home, but I prefer to stroll ___the streets ___the centre.

14. I quite agree ___you that going ___air is the quickest and safest means of transport, but I am always airsick ___ the plane.

15. Do you remember the robber? – Well, he was a man ______thirty-five, ___thin hair, ___dark jeans. He looked ___an Italian, and used his magazine ___a sort of mask.

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