The Indefinite Article is used with countable nouns in the Singular form to name an object, thing, person or a notion or to describe it.


The Indefinite Article is used:

1. with a predicative noun. Usually such nouns denote a profession or characteristic.

e.g. He is a doctor.

Miss Sharp’s father was an artist.

Your brother is a nice man.

2. with a noun-object after the verb “have”.

e.g. Alice has a cat.

They have a nice cottage in the country


With a noun after “have”, denoting an action.

e.g. "Where is Tom?” – “He is having a bath now.”

I usually have a good rest after dinner.


(Exception: “ to have breakfast”, “to have lunch”, “to have dinner”, ”to have supper”, “to have tea”. Zero Article is used in these set-phrases)


3. with a noun in apposition (приложение).

e.g. My friend, a history teacher, knows a lot about it.


4. after the attributes “such”, “rather”, “quite”.

e.g. He is such a clever man.

She is quite a young girl.

It was rather a difficult job.


5. in some grammar structures: It is a... This is a... There is a... What a...!

e.g. It is a book.

This is a picture.

There is a copy book on the table.

What a smart girl she is!


NB 1! We use Zero Article with countable nouns in the Plural form.

e.g. These are nice girls.

His dog has puppies.

They are doctors.

Jane’s parents are such reasonable people.

What clean clothes!


NB 2! We also use Zero Article with uncountable nouns (abstract nouns and nouns of material).

e.g. She has long fair hair.

There is black coffee in his cup.

What nice weather we are having today!

This is marble.


Such nouns as “pleasure”, “pity”, “disappointment”, “comfort”, “relief”, “shame”, “disgrace” take the indefinite article in the constructions: It is/was a... What a...!

e.g. It is a pleasure to see you.

It was a relief to know that she was safely at home.

What a disappointment!

What a pity!


But: I’ll do it with pleasure.

She felt pity for the poor child.

She gave a sigh of relief.



Exercise 1. Use an indefinite article with the predicatives where possible:


1. This is yellow pencil.

2. The text is easy.

3. This is easy text.

4. These are low tables.

5. This table is low.

6. This is low table.

7. Roses are beautiful flowers.

8. This town is big.

9. Moscow and Minsk are big cities.

10. Kiev is big city, too.

11. It is rose. The rose is beautiful flower.

12. This is grass. The grass is green.

13. Pizza is very tasty food.

14. “A fateful choice” by Rachel Lee is interesting novel.

15. Mr. Clark’s favourite drink is beer.

16. Michael and Jane are twins.

17. Benny is naughty.

18. Benny is naughty and noisy kid.

19. Is it red apple?

20. The apple is red.



1. John's father is... dentist.

2. Mr. Kelly’s children are... pupils.

3. Max Stephenson is... good counsel, they say.

4. Roger and Steve are... easy-going chaps. Jack is... nice guy, too.

5. “Are уоu ... journalist?”

6. “Young Smith is... poet, isn’t he?” – “Yes, and... promising one.”

7. Are the Browns... friendly family?

8. Are cucumbers... vegetables?

9. “Peter, I am ...attractive woman, aren’t I?” – “Sure, Nora.”

10. Ice is... frozen water.

11. Flies are... insects.

12. The eagle is... bird.

13. The deer is... animal.

14. The horse is... domestic animal.

15. The wolf is... wild animal.

16. The lion is... dangerous animal.

17. Bananas, oranges, apples are... fruit.

18. Cooking salt is... mineral.

19. Venus is... planet.

20. “Is a “screw driver” ... instrument?” – “Well, it is... cocktail, as well.”


Exercise 2. Use an indefinite article where necessary, try to answer what these things are or who these people were.

Example: an ant? – It is an insect.

 ants, bees? – They are insects.

Beethoven? – He was a composer.       

Beethoven, Bach? – They were composers.

1. a tomato? – It is...        

2. an oak? – It is...

3. a mosquito? – It is ...

4. a rose? – It is...

5. a dandelion? – It is...

6. a cauliflower? – It is...

7. a skyscraper? – It is...

8. Earth, Mars, Venus, Jupiter? – They are...

9. The Nile, the Rhine, the Mississippi? – They are...

10. Canada, Great Britain, Russia? – They...

11. London, Moscow, New-York? – They...

12. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn? – They...

13. Pele? – He was...

14. Shakespeare? – He was...

15. Einstein? – He was...

16. Marilyn Monroe? – She was...

17. Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon? – They were...

18. Elvis Presley, John Lennon? – They were...


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