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1. It is this very silence of the poet that makes the verse all the more eloquent.

2. Only in this last work does the author show what he might have done, had. he used his genius rightly.

3. These plays were not high either in their humour or in literary worth, but they did represent a distinct advance towards regular drama.

4. It was not the classics themselves as much as the works of Italy and France above mentioned, which had so important an influence on the poets to be presently considered, particularly on Chaucer.

5. The basis of man's social activity is labour. It is in and through labour that man first of all enlarges his perceptions and first of all begins to use his brain to think.

6. In no wise (никоим образом) inferior in importance to the art stations of Southern France are those of Northern. Here, near Santillana del Mar is the cave of Altamira, which has been not unaptly termed «The Chapel of Palaeolithic Art.

7. These novels are by no means forgotten at the present day, and might not improbably have a return of their popularity, which was at one time great.

8. It is as our perceptions increase with increased activity and social contacts that our ideas develop.

9. It is not merely in particular places that we find a beautiful effect; it is rather the continuous charm of his poetry, the sense of harmony that runs throughout that makes us feel his greatness.

10. It also not infrequently happened that the people of this period chose the suitable pieces of broken clay vessels and ground them into knives.

11. However hard they may work and however much thev may scrape and save, the non-possessors will remain poor, while the possessors grow rich on the fruits of their labour.

12. It was during the time when Latin was still spoken, however, that the first modifications had to be made in the alphabet.


1. Not until then do they fall earthward with an appreciable velocity.

2. Prominent among the confirmations of Einstein's hypothesis is the work related to the "photoelectric effect".

3. Whatever their cause, or causes, the symptom are the following.

4. Not only are perfect crystals Incomplete though these figures are, they give more information in several respects than has before been available.

5. Satisfactory as this theory may be in many respects it is far from being probable.

6. Not all substances separate from solution in the crystalline state: for instance, wax dissolves in petrol, but on evaporating the solvent we do not get crystals of wax, nor is glass crystalline.

7. In short, it is practically impossible to design a machine so specialized that it will have value only with respect to the field of application originally intended. Nor is there any computer which is superior to any other computer with respect to every problem.

8. It is from experiments on solubility of gases in liquids that Dalton appears first to have derived direct evidence in favour of this view.

9. The particles of water grow larger as condensation continues and ultimately become rain dropsan unattainable ideal, but they would be completely useless for most research studies.

10. It was Thales who taught the Greek sailors to steer their ships by the Pole Star.

11. lndeed, it is not unusual to find evidence of partial melting of the lead bullet on extracting it from the block, especially if the latter be of rather hard and resistant wood.

12. Thus it is known that birds do not keep direction by orientating themselves in the earth's magnetic field, neither apparently, does memorizing the route play an essential part.


International words.


Интернациональные слова или интернационализмы – это слова, принадлежащие разным языкам и полно или частично совпадающие по своей форме и смыслу. Обычно эти слова обозначают понятия международного характера из области науки и техники, культуры и искусства. Зачастую они имеют греческие и латинские корни:


forum – форум; despot – деспот; to command – командовать; special – специальный; metal – металл; physics – физика


Большинство этих слов имеют греческое и латинское происхождение, хотя можно говорить и о заимствованиях из других языков.

При переводе интернациональных слов на русский язык необходимо учитывать, что зачастую они обманчивы, и возникает проблема так называемых «ложных друзей переводчика» – псевдоинтернационализмов, когда слово совпадает по форме со словом источника, но имеет другое значение:




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