Определите функцию it and one в следующих предложениях и переведите их на русский язык
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1. The first chapter was very difficult, the second one less so.

2. It is the evidence of the facts upon which both the common man and the scientist base all conclusions.

3. To harden the metal it was subjected to intense heat.

4. One would like to know, for example, what the effect of the ambient atmosphere is on the slow-state density and energy distribution.

5. It is sometimes said that there is no such thing as the so-called ”scientific method”; there are only the methods used in science.

6. The amount of energy liberated by one ton is limited.

7. It needs to be realized that out-of-date roads are a danger­ous brake upon the development of national productivity.

8. A new science, radio astronomy, has emerged; it is very closely allied to astronomy, astro-physics and physics.

9. The relative motion of one tooth upon the other one should be more of a rolling than of a sliding matter.

10. It is frequently said that a computer has its own intelligence.

11. I am frequently asked which on-line service is the best one, but the answer is there is no best.

12. When put together in a molecule, these tiny fragments do not form a rigid structure, but one that can vibrate, rotate and perform other relative motions about its centre of mass.

13. It is the electromagnetic force that attracts unlike electrical charges and repulses the like charges.

14. It does not mean that induction heating only the surface of the body is heated.

15. Actually, however, it is not until the other person begins to speak that one can form a very definite idea of his personality and his character.

16. It is this very method that helped to improve the process of casting.

17. In order to explain the macroproperties of a solid body on the basis of the concepts of microdefects it became necessary to introduce into consideration the concepts of mesodefects and mesostructure.

18. It is the mesostructural level which is responsible for the formation of the final set of physical, mechanical, process and operating of the final set of physical, mechanical, process and operating properties after thermomechanical treatment.


Переведите предложения


1. l . Of the countries of Western Europe, it is France that has the greatest number of human fossils.

2. It was only through treachery that the Turks had taken Antioch in 1085.

3. All the extensions of human contTol over external nature have been due to improvement in tools. For it is mainly with the aid of tools that men can act upon and alter the material world around them.

4. It was only with the beginning of that literary movement which we call Romanticism that men of letters, artists and scholars began to turn their attention seriously to the investigation of regional dialects.

5. It is these special properties of sound that the subject of the present chapter.

6. Radioactive phenomena occur within the nucleus, and it is here that mass and positive charge resides.

7. A solenoid carrying a current behaves just like a magnet. It was the great French physicist Ampere who first showed this to be the case.

8. It is just energy which the atom thus yields up that is held to account for the radiation.


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