Exercise 4. Give the superlative form of the adjectives in brackets
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1. The Pan-American Highway is (long) road in the world.

2. The Beatles were (successful) pop group.

3. Japan has (crowded) railways in the world.

4. This is our (old) national airline.

5. The Chrysler Building was once (tall) in the world.

6. Is English (useful) language to learn?

7. This is one of (expensive) stores in the city.

8. The Queen must be (rich) woman in the world.

9. Unfortunately, I haven't heard (late) news. I think it was very interesting.

10. Is the Mona Lisa (valuable) painting in the world?

11. His house is (far) in the street.

12. February is (snowy) and (cold) month of the year here.

13. (dangerous) spider is the black widow, whose bite can kill a man in a few minutes.

14. The world's (expensive) perfume costs $550 per bottle.

15. (deep) part of the Pacific Ocean is 11 kilometres below the sea-level.

16. I wonder what his (near) step is going to be.

17. Who are (old) members of the club?

18. It was (late) thing I expected of him.

19. The diamond is (hard) mineral in the world.

20. His house is (far) in our street.


Exercise 5. Make up sentences using as ... as.

Example: Peter, his friend, clever. – Peter is as clever as his friend.

1. Jane, Ann, charming.

2. He, I, tall.

3. Michael, his brother, strong.

4. Our car, their car, good.

5. This report, your report, interesting.

6. Неr new hat, her skirt, becoming.

7. Your job, his, important.

8. The sitting-room, the dining-room, large.

9. The ice-cream, the cake, delicious.

10. His stories, his jokes, funny.

11. Nick’s essay, Helen’s essay, long.

12. January, December, cold.


Exercise 6. Make up sentences using not so/as ...as.

Example: June, July, hot. – June is not so/as hot as July.


1. The bus, the train, fast.

2. My flat, her flat, big.

3. His voice, Caruso’s, brilliant.

4. The pond, the river, deep.

5. Your typing, hers, fast.

6. This lecture, that lecture, interesting.

7. This hat, that hat, beautiful.

8. His article, her article, long.

9. This joke, that joke, funny.

10. Peter, John, clever.

11. Men, women, sensitive.

12. Boys, girls, quiet.


Exercise 7. Complete the sentences using the constructions as ... as or not so /as ... as. Choose the adjective from the box.

High poor beautiful important lazy big expensive fast crowded tall


1. I know that your job is important, but my job is important too. My job is ….

2. The bicycle is fast, but the car is faster. The bicycle is ….

3. Her knowledge is poor, but he knows a bit more. His knowledge is ….

4. He is lazy, but his brother is lazy too. He is ….

5. Their furniture costs $700, and ours is $870. Their furniture is ….

6. France is big. Belgium is not a big country. Belgium is ….

7. Her wages are $200 a week, and mine are $150. My wages are ….

8. Helen is beautiful, but I like her sister better. I think, Helen is ….

9. He is tall, but I am taller. He is ….

10. Tverskaya and Arbat are crowded streets. Tverskaya street is ….


Exercise 8. Make up sentences using as...as, not so/as ...as, more (less) ...than.

1. Towns (noisy) villages.

2. This year things (good) last year.

3. TV programmes now (interesting) they used to be.

4. Susan (pretty) a flower in May.

5. English (easy) Japanese.

6. Health (important) money.

7. A change (good) rest.

8. Now the situation (bad) last month.

9. Russian (difficult) Chinese.

10. Japanese (easy) English.

11. Cigarettes (harmful) cigars.

12. Is London (old) Moscow?

13. My life (interesting) it used to be.

14. I will be happy (long) you stay with me.

15. He is (not clever) you think.

16. We have known them (long) you have.

17. The new clerk (competent) the others.

18. This wonderful hotel (expensive) the Ritz.

19. Their new car (economical) the old one.

20. On Sundays my children don’t have to get up (early) as usual.


Exercise 9. Match the adjectives on the left with their definitions on the right.

1) further a) after some time
2) farther b) the second of two things or persons already mentioned
3) last c) the smallest
4) latter d) coming immediately after, in space or in order
5) elder e) additional
6) nearer f) at a greater distance
7) next g) least good
8) least h) coming after all others in time or order
9) later i) senior of members of the family
10) worst j) closer

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