Exercise 16. Put the adverbial modifiers in their proper places
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1. He has been working (all day/in his office).

2. We bought some fruit (yesterday/at the market).

3. He walked (quietly/out of the room/during the film).

4. We were impressed by their progress (very much).

5. Jenny has been reading her magazine (all morning/in the garden).

6. They have been talking (in the hall/for hours).

7. He is doing his homework (quietly/in his bedroom).

8. We watched a film (last night/at the cinema).

9. He is ready to help her (always).

10. Does Sam complain about his salary (often)?

11. I go to the theatre (rarely).

12. He likes milk (very much).

13. We ran (quickly, to the University, in the morning).

14. The mother was sitting (at 8 p.m., in the arm-chair, silently).

15. The teacher spoke (always, loudly, at the lesson).

16. I woke up (in my bed, suddenly, in the morning, early).

17. It snows (severely, seldom, in autumn, in the street).


Exercise 17. Point out the main and the secondary parts of the sentence and name them:

1. James was sitting by the fire.

2. My elder sister has two sons.

3. He slowly opened the door; the room was empty.

4. The children ran to the river.

5. We sent them a telegram yesterday.

6. Will you do me another favour?

7. I will do it for you with pleasure.

8. We shall write to you in a day or two.

9. I did not find anybody there.

10. The boy’s mother was a young woman.

11. Half an hour has passed.

12. A lot of students were present.

13. Nell is going to the concert tonight.

14. He spoke loudly and distinctly.

15. Two young girls in red came by.

16. To be wanted is always good.

17. Sally hated the idea of borrowing and living on credit.

18. At that moment everything in her life seemed a source of anxiety.

19. The poor woman was annoyed with Morris for dumping his wife on her.

20. At the top of the stairs she paused to wave to him.

21. Everyone remained silent.

22. He thrust his hands deep into his overcoat pockets.

23. Seeing you there will open up a new world.

24. I gave up the attempt and went upstairs to unpack.

25. His knees went weak. He sat down on his bed.

26. The three on the sofa rose and chatted with Hawkins.

27. They must have gone through the service doors into the kitchen.

28. It ought not to be happening.

29. My way is not theirs, I shouldn't run away from hardships.

30. One cannot help admiring the fellow.

31. Then Tom gave a low distinct whistle.

32. The two men faced each other silently.

33. She married a good-for-nothing little waiter.

34. Dicky heard everything. A clear, ringing little laugh was his reply.

35. Rett's happiness or unhappiness is a life and death question.

36. It was quite a long narrative.

37. Now and then Gavin would stop to point out silently some rarity.


Exercise 18. Make up sentences using the following words:

1. Give, paper, a piece, of, me, a pencil, and.

2. Week, Mr. Barnett, new, brings, Mary, and, books, magazines, every.

3. Tall, General Henderson, with, hair, a man, white, was.

4. Was putting on, gloves, her, in, Nancy, a way, slow.

5. Show, can, I, something, you, interesting.

6. Good, English, some, have, I, books.

7. Them, can, I, bring, to, the Institute, you, to.

8. Cold, a night, January, was, it.

9. Long, can’t, we, stay, here.

10. In, coffee, the morning, I, like.

11. Little, books, brings, sister, with, she, for, interesting, pictures, often, my.

12. Ever, loudly, have, the, spoken, you, lesson, at?

13. Chinese, wants, a, Sheila, much, have, nice, very, dog, to, fluffy.

14. That, was, know, always, much, I, to, Jack, holidays, at, stayed, interested, very, on, home.

15. Often, the cinema, the Milnes, to, go.

16. Cigarettes, his, give, him.

17. The theatre, go, often, very, we, to.

18. Him, give, to, cigarettes, his.

19. Drink, coffee, 1, usually, strong, don’t.

20. Round , at, table, wooden, they, a, large, sat.

21. Doing, men, what, those, are?

22. The news, yesterday, saw, television, I, on.

23. The novel, much, I, very, liked.

24. To, came, the office, he, yesterday, taxi, by.

25. The table, and, on, is, there, two, a book, pens.

26. Tell, didn’t, me, you, the truth, why?

27. Where, me, could, is, the market, you, tell?

28. Airport, 10 p.m., you’ll, the, at, at, arrive.


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