Exercise 1. Write the words in the plural in the right columns according to the pronunciation of the ending
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[s] [z] [iz]
lamps lessons boxes

Lamp, lesson, box, park, car, stick, theme, kiss, roof, book, Mary, muff, sentence, oak, text, path, bench, knife, wolf, house, toy, chief, page, oath, month, mouth.


Exercise 2. Write the words in 2 columns according to the spelling of the ending in the plural.

у + s i + es
keys babies

Key, baby, Lily, pony, day, country, city, play, penny, library, tray, Polly, trolley, fly.


Exercise 3. Write the plural form of the following.

1. regular nouns (transcribe the endings)

story, play, glass, flag, photo, name, match, knife, bush, chief, page, radio, roof, prize, set, key, factory, wolf, piano, class, cup, city

2. irregular nouns

child, goose, man, foot, mouse, woman, sheep, person, deer, tooth, ox

3. nouns of Greek or Latin origin

criterion, datum, formula, crisis, stimulus, index, phenomenon, medium, oasis, nucleus, memorandum, basis, radius, analysis, symposium, hypothesis

4. compound nouns

fellow-worker, merry-go-round, man-of-war, passer-by, sister-in-law, forget-me-not, room-mate, lily-of-the-valley, ticket-holder, commander-in-chief, governor-general


Exercise 4. Divide the following words into two columns: countable and uncountable nouns (you must get 25 uncountable nouns).

furniture, coffee, leaf, food, computer, list, blood, job, work, language, country, advice, information, money, progress, permit, permission, baggage, luggage, beach, traffic, weather, window, knowledge, air, water, holiday, damage, accommodation, scenery, scene, pigeon, bread, mountain, luck, news, accident, laugh, flour, laughter


Exercise 5. Write out the nouns which are used only in the plural form (you must get 25 nouns).

athletics, cattle, scissors, taxes, pyjamas, economics, police, news, means, goods, pants, subjects, billiards, darts, outskirts, premises, mechanics, spectacles, clothes, stairs, maths, shorts, tights, gymnastics, congratulations, crossroads, patience, scales, lodgings, foundations, equipment, research, authorities, soap, contents, looks, countryside, traffic-lights, tongs, toothpaste, headphones, delays, binoculars, electronics, eyes, trousers


Exercise 6. Complete the following table and give the corresponding singular or plural form of the nouns, if any. If there is no the corresponding form, put a cross (x). The first two words are given as examples.

Singular Plural
means   means  
x scissors  


means, scissors, pence, Frenchman, Roman, photo, physics, cloth, sheep, halves, news, sleeves, mice, species, contents, athletics, series, knowledge, feet, phenomena, clothes, bases, headquarters, Japanese


Exercise 7. Find the odd word in the chain of the nouns.

Example: tea — butter — onions — meat

1. trousers — spectacles — scales — news

2. advice — knowledge — contents — progress

3. phonetics - vacation - goods – information

4. criteria — datum — oases — radii

5. mice — men — goats — geese

6. police — work — weather — furniture

7. congress — team — government — equipment

8. water — potato — milk — bread

9. time — business — stone — bird

10. means — species — crossroads — wolves

11. thanks — barracks — congratulations — authorities

12. diagnoses — roofs — cattle — accommodation

13. premises — mechanics — darts — laughter

14. success — research — applause — path

15. journey — voyage — travel — walk


Exercise 8. Write in the Plural. Transcribe the endings.

story, fish, knife, man, dress, tooth, lamp, box, brother, brother-in-law, dog, foot, bench, hospital, bed, lady, exercise, child, woman, sheep, niece, son-in-law, family, half, library, wife, potato, sportsman, rain, friend, actress, tiger, woman-driver, basis, forget-me-not, postman, Englishman, passer-by, louse, stratum, criterion, goose, swine, cuff, sale, photo, zero, truth, cuckoo, youth, hero, gulf, muff, thief, belief, rose, room, information, knowledge, police, spectacles, country, wolf, tomato, brush, baby, watch, postman, day, shelf, sister-in-law, text, roof, cassette-recorder, page, handkerchief, lawn, bush, deer, pantry, sitting-room, study, sofa, phoneme, housewife, nursery, boy, mouse, penny, face, mother-in- law, toy, sentence, leaf, piano, policeman


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