Exercise 3. Change the given groups of words as in the model
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Model: the room of my sister — my sister's room, the friends of my sisters — my sisters' friends.

1. the brother of my mother; 2. the friend of my sister; 3. the husband of his daughter; 4. the house of my parents; 5. the table of my father; 6. the work of my mother; 7. the notebook of this student; 8. the books of these students; 9. the sister of my friend; 10. the friend of our cousin; 11. the photo of my grandfather; 12. the room of Pete; 13. the son of her brother; 14. the daugh­ter of Ann; 15. the sister of my mother. 16. the wife of Doctor Sandford; 17. the elder sister of Helen; 18. the friend of my brother-in-law; 19. the best suit of my hus­band; 20. the novels of Dickens; 21. the hat of my sister-in-law; 22. the answers of the students; 23. the tools of the workers; 24. the dress of the girl; 25. the dresses of the girl; 26. the address of Ross; 27. a holiday of a week; 28. the house of my relatives; 29. novels by A. Christie; 30. discs of Alex; 31. the room of my sister; 32. the car of her neighbour; 33. a magazine for women; 34. the secretary of James; 35. the bicycle of a child; 36. a school for girls; 37. the career of an actress; 38. a dress of Doris; 39. music for teenagers; 40. the name of my friend; 41. the speech of the leader; 42. the flat of Liz; 43. the visit of Mix; 44. a novel by Sheldon; 45. the life of a student; 46. the boyfriend of Jane; 47. the rights of people; 48. the books of her sons; 49. the toys of the baby; 50.  poem by Keats; 51. the climate of England; 52. the news of today; 53. the progress of the world; 54. the surface of the earth; 55. a break of ten minutes; 56. the history of Russia.


Exercise 4. Paraphrase the following sentences using the ‘s where possible.

1. The face of the woman is attractive.

2. The faces of these women are attractive.

3. The coat of my father-in-law is grey.

4. The coats of the passers-by are wet.

5. The voice of the man is too loud.

6. The voices of the men sound harsh.

7. The toys of the child are on the floor.

8. The toys of the children are on the floor.

9. Jessica works for a magazine for men.

10. The roof of the house needs painting.

11. The dress of the girl was made by her mother.

12. The dresses of the girls were wonderful.

13. My seat was at the wing of the plane.

14. The style of this designer is perfect.

15. The sound of the car made me stop writing.

16. The voices of the children woke up the dog.

17. Mary often sat on the bank of the river looking at the ducks.

18. A holiday for a week will do you good.

19. These files belong to Felix.

20. I borrowed an umbrella from Charles.

21. Their house is at the end of the street.

22. Brian studies the history of the English language.

23. The leg of the new table is broken.

24. If I need some meat, I go to the shop of a butcher.

25. Where is the key to the car?

26. Pamela spends her weekends at the house of her aunt.

27. The cover of this dictionary is very bright.

28. The problems of the company are very serious.

29. Every day at noon we have a break, which lasts fifteen minutes.

30. I can't understand why he is so tired. The distance he covered is a mile only.

31. The walk to the station was short. It took us ten minutes.

32. Last year we spent two weeks in Greece. The holiday was terrific.

33. If you want to get there, a trip will take you only five hours.

34. Don't take a training course that lasts a week. It won't do you good.

35. I slept only five hours yesterday because my train came late.

36. Yesterday our lesson lasted thirty minutes because our teacher was to leave at 12 o'clock.

37. If you want to have a voyage round Europe, you will need at least three weeks.

38. My workweek lasts five days.

Exercise 5. Answer the questions using the names of different shops.

Where do you go if you want to:

1. get fast food?

2. buy some vegetables?

3. have your eyes examined?

4. buy some nails and a hammer?

5. get your hair cut?

6. have some clothes cleaned?

7. buy some cigars and cigarettes?

8. buy a wedding ring?

9. get pens, pencils, paper?

10. buy cakes and chocolate?

11. have your teeth examined?

12. buy some medicine?

13. buy some meat?

14. buy some flowers?

15. get some information about travelling?

16. have your watch repaired?

17. have your pet examined?

18. have advice about your health?

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