Exercise 10. Translate the sentences into English
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1. Это его часы? – Да, его. А эти – мои.

2. Чьи это дети? – Наши. Они играют со своими друзьями.

3. Ты сделал это для меня? – Нет, для него.

4. Это моя комната, а та – Бориса. Моя больше, чем его.

5. Почитай, пожалуйста, эту информацию. Она поможет тебе.

6. Ее родители очень приятные люди. Ты их знаешь?

7. Моя кошка любит играть со своим хвостом.

8. Это ее фотография? Дай ее мне.

9. Где мои очки? Я не могу их найти.

10. Познакомься с моими друзьями. Их зовут Лена и Алексей.

11. Наша семья любит ездить в Крым. Мы любим его природу.

12. Он останется с нами на выходные? – Поговори с ним об этом.

13. Никогда не обсуждай свои личные проблемы на работе.

14. Помой руки и иди с нами обедать.

15. Слушай советы, но не всегда им следуй.

16. Моя дочь не любит больших животных.

17. Цветы очень красивые. Ты их видел? – Нет, а кто их принес?

18. Тим предложил им пригласить нас на их свадьбу.

19. Эти деньги его. Дай их ему и поблагодари его.

20. Я не интересуюсь компьютерными играми. Я их не люблю.

21. Это крокодил. Его зубы очень острые.

22. Я дал ему мою визитку, а он мне свою.

23. Есть удивительные новости. Ты слышал о них?

24. Где моя пижама? Я не могу без нее заснуть.

25. Вы звонили в полицию? – Да, они уже едут сюда на своей машине.




There are four demonstrative pronouns in English: this, that, such and same. They all may be used as noun pronouns and as adjective pronouns.


e.g. This hat is new and that hat is old.
“Look at this,” he said and showed me his tie.
Such people are very rare!


The pronouns this and that have the category of number. Their corresponding plural forms are: these and those.





THIS/THESE are used:

- for people or things which are near us.

e.g. This is my favourite painting.

- for present or future situations.

e.g. My cousin is staying with me this week.

- to refer to an idea we are about to mention.

e.g. Listen to this. It's really funny.

- to introduce oneself on the phone or to introduce people.

e.g. Hello? This is Helen. ’ Mum, this is Kate. '

- when the speaker is in or near the place he/she is referring to.

 e.g. This room hasn’t got enough light.

THAT/THOSE are used:

- for people or things which are not near us.

e.g. That man over there is waving at you.

- for past situations.

e.g. That was a great party. We enjoyed ourselves.

- to refer back to something mentioned before.

e.g. She lost her job. ’ That's awful. ’

- when speaking on the phone to ask who the other person is.

e.g. Who’s that speaking?



Exercise 1. Change the following sentences according to the model.

M o d e l: This is a pen. – These are pens.
Those are our friends. – That is my friend.

1. This is a box.

2. This is a spoon.

3. That is a fork.

4. This is a park.

5. That is a garden.

6. This is a cat.

7. This is a desk.

8. That is a door.

9. This is my bird.

10. That is his dog.

11. That is her daughter.

12. That is a boy.

13. This is a newspaper.

14. That is my sister.

15. Is this your dictionary?

16. That is not his bag.

17. Those people are clerks.

18. Give me that spoon.

19. Are these pencils red?

20. This car is mine and that is his.

21. I lived in these rooms for many years.

22. Can you see that bird?

23. This house is empty.

24. Who bought that magazine?

25. This mistake is very bad.

26. Is that a dog or a wolf?

27. Spell this word, please.

28. These letters are for me.


Exercise 2. Insert demonstrative pronouns.

1. ... article is easy and ... one is difficult.

2. Pass me ... magazines. Thank you.

3. ... boy is fond of music and his dream is to become a pianist.

4. Who is ... little girl at the window?

5. ... pens here are mine and ... over there are yours.

6. Are ... men over there your friends?

7. ... flowers are beautiful, aren’t they?

8. Leave ... two dictionaries on my table and take ... books on the table over there to the library.

9. ... picture is framed and ... one is not.

10. … roof is red and ... one is green.

11. Bring me … newspapers, please!

12. … party is very funny! I like it!


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