I. Read and translate in written form the following text
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“An Electronic Eye”


An electronic eye is a device that can do hundred of different things. In electronics and engineering it is called a phototube or a photocell. Photocells are widely used at metallurgical plants, in machine plants, in chemical and food industry. In machine plants an “electronic eye” can be used for inspecting machine parts. If the parts worked now well enough, they do not reflect enough light into the phototube and are sorted out by a device as bad ones.

An “electronic eye” does another important work at a metallurgical plant. In the making of steel it is necessary that the temperature of metal be exactly right. As the steel gets hotter and hotter its color changes from red – hot to orange and at last white. By fixing the exact color of the metal, a phototube, gives the most accurate measurements of its temperature. By passing the electric current of the definite strength to the controlling device, the phototube can bring the metal to the exact temperature wanted.

Photocells can be also used at canning factories where they can count the finished cans of food. A phototube is placed on one side of the belt and a lamp producing a light beam is put one the other. Every time a can comes between the light and the “eye” the current is stopped. Each time the electric impulse is started, it moves the country one digit. The process results in me accurate count of every can moving along the conveyor of finished production.


II. Give English equivalents of:

1. Проверка деталей

2. Температура расплавленного металла

3. Точные измерения

4. Подсчет каждой консервной банки

5. Производство стали


III. Give Russian equivalents of:

1. Reflect light

2. Steel gets hotter

3. Pass the electric current

4. Move the counter one digit

5. A controlling device


IV. Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense:

1. He will phone you if he ….. (have) time.

2. If this dress ….. (cost) too much, we’ll go to another shop.

3. What ….. (do) if the taxi doesn’t come?

4. ….. (phone) me if you have any problems?

5. If the weather ….. (be) fine, we’ll go for a walk.

V. Write Type 2 conditionals to match these situations:

1. James can’t afford a flat of his own. He lives with his parents.

2. There are not any beers left. I can’t offer you one.

3. He hasn’t got a fax machine. I can’t send this immediately.

4. We don’t have his address. We can’t write to him.

5. I wear glasses. I am not a pilot.


VI. Translate the given sentences. Mind the First, the Second and the Third Conditionals.

1. If the guide shows the right way, the travelers won’t get lost.

2. We’ll go together if you are here in time.

3. If I had seen him yesterday, he would have known the place of our meeting.

4. If she phoned me tomorrow, we would go to the library together.

5. He would have bought that car if he had enough money.


VII. Translate the given sentences into English.

1. Мне потребовалось много времени, чтобы перевести эту статью. Если бы вы мне дали хороший словарь, я бы потратил меньше времени.

2. Я был бы очень рад, если бы вы зашли к нам завтра.

3. Если бы вы пришли сюда вчера между двумя и тремя часами, вы бы застали его здесь.

4. Если мы не получим ваш ответ до 20 числа, мы передадим заказ другой фирме.

5. Если бы ваше предложение было получено на прошлой неделе, мы бы приняли его.


VIII. Translate modal verbs or their equivalents into English.

1. When he was young, he (мог) run a mile in less than five minutes.

2. She (может) come tonight, but I am not sure.

3. We (нужно) walk fast to get to the station in time.

4. The children (разрешили) to go to the garden.

5. You (следует) go there, you are waited for.


IX. Translate the following sentences into Russian. Mind the Modal Verbs.

1. He can’t have forgotten it.

2. Did he have to do this work tonight?

3. You shouldn’t smoke so much if you feel badly.

4. My brother might become a good doctor, but he isn’t sure in his choice.

5. I was to send him a telegram, but I forgot.


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