She said that they lived in Oxford. Она сказала, что они живут в Лондоне
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1. They warned the water _____. (a) can be polluted; b) could be polluted; c) can pollute)

2. They informed their efforts _____ successful. (a) were; b) are; c) has been)

3. People were afraid water _____. (a) wouldn’t be cleaned; b) will not be cleaned; c) is not cleaned)

4. We didn’t know the score but we were sure their team _____. (a) had lost; b) has lost; c) is lost)

5. He was told that his sister _____ to enter the college. (a) was going; b) is going; c) goes)


XII. Turn from Direct speech into Reported speech.

1. “Return books in time”, the librarian said to children.

2. “It will take time an hour to cook dinner”, said Helen.

3. “Where were you last night?” asked Dan.

4. Ann said about Jack: “He never thinks about other people”.

5. Bill asked: “Are you playing tennis this afternoon?”


XIII. Rewrite the following sentences in Direct speech.

1. She said she was busy as she was working on her report.

2. I asked my uncle when he would take me to the zoo.

3. Our teacher told us that we would write the test in a week.

4. I asked my friend what time he was going home.

5. They told me they had been waiting for me for 20 minutes.


XIV. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Она спросила меня, много ли я путешествую.

2. Родители сказали ему не выходить из дома.

3. Он сказал, что занят, что он работает над докладом.

4. Он не сказал, что не любит ходить в театр.

5. Мой брат спросил, может ли он взять мою машину.


Контрольная работа №2


I. Read and translate in written form the following text.

Machines for translating texts from one language into another are known to have been built many times and by different inventors.

The possibility of translating the text is based on well-known fact that a sentence in any language is constructed in words according to certain rules, which can by presented in the form of a computer program.

How does a computer translate a text? Let us suppose that we have an English text which is to be translated into Russian. First a programmer translates it into a special machine language, the language of numbers. Now the machine can convert the text into the language of electric impulses and thus to introduce the information into a computer memory in the form of electromagnetic signals.

A computer has its own dictionary stored in its magnetic memory. To find a word in this magnetic dictionary, the dictionary compares the code number of a given word of the text with those stored in its electromagnetic memory.

As we see, to find a word in its dictionary and to translate it is a very simple task for a computer. After this a special grammar analyzing program comes into play. To make the analysis possible the programmers add to each code number of the word additional digits, which indicate the grammar function of the word in the sentence and the part of speech the word belongs to. Scientists, engineers and mathematicians are doing their best to make the machines and programs better.


II. Give English equivalents of:

1) Хорошо известный факт

2) Согласно определенным правилам

3) Делать все возможное

4) Ввести информацию в память компьютера

5) Принадлежать к части речи


III. Give Russian equivalents of:

1) Indicate the grammar function

2) Present in the form of a computer program

3) Compare the code number

4) Add additional digits

5) Let us suppose


IV. Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense:

1. They ….. (not go) tomorrow if it rains.

2. If she ….. (stay) here a little longer, she will see him.

3. If you mix red and yellow, you ….. (get) orange.

4. She ….. (help) us if we ask her.

5. They will travel on the motorway if the traffic ….. (not be) too bad.


V. Write Type 2 conditionals to match these situations:

1. I’m quite short. I don’t play in the basketball team.

2. They don’t have a very big staff. They are very productive.

3. We have three children. We won’t take a year off and travel the world.

4. I’m not very clever. I’m not a doctor.

5. She isn’t in your position. She isn’t able to advise you.


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