She said that they lived in Oxford. Она сказала, что они живут в Лондоне

1. The police found that Bob Slant _______ in London’s suburbs all that time. (a) lives; b) live; c) had been living)

2. The students couldn’t do the translation because they ________ special terms. (a) had not learn; b) does not learn; c) do not learn)

3. Tom had not been informed that the lecture _________ on Tuesday. (a) does not take place; b) would not take place; c) won’t take place)

4. He said he _________ a job. (a) had found; b) finds; c) has found)

5. They promised they _________ their own employees. (a) train; b) would train; c) will train)


XII. Turn from Direct speech into Reported speech.

1. “Open your book at page ten”, said our teacher to us.

2. “Don’t make so much noise”, said mother to her children.

3. “She isn’t here. She has just left the office”, the secretary said to us.

4. “I don’t think I will have done this work by the evening”, she said.

5. Jane asked: “Did you go to London last year?”


XIII. Rewrite the following sentences in Direct speech.

1. Her father told her not to cross the street where she wanted to.

2. My husband said he was thinking about buying new car.

3. He told me that he never got letters: nobody wrote to him.

4. Alice said she was tired and she was going to lie down.

5. My friend asked me how long I had known Ann.


XIV. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Когда я встретил Тома, я спросил, в больнице ли еще его отец.

2. Учитель спросил Анну, почему она не приготовила доклад.

3. Она сказала. Что не будет кофе, что она выпьет чай.

4. Они сказали, что экономическая ситуация в нашей стране хуже, чем они думали.

5. Мой брат сказал, что он поступил в университет.


Контрольная работа №2


I. Read and translate in written form the following text.


Oil has a unique status as an energy source. Other fossil fuels, such as coal and gas, often less costly and complete effectively in certain sectors, such as electric power generation. However, there are energy resources that are essentially inexhaustible, such as solar energy and other kinds of renewable energy. Flowing water is an important energy source. Hydroelectric power, produced by the force of running water is a renewable and relatively pollution free source of electrical energy.

As such energy sources as oil, and natural gas become depleted, it will prove advantageous to many countries currently depended on those sources to develop and make available alternative energy technology. Mane countries have favorable natural conditions for developing geothermal, wind, solar, and tidal energy sources. Geothermal energy makes use of underground heat, which escapes, to the surface though hot springs. Geothermal power is believed to be of great potential.

Solar energy involves capturing the suns light energy and converting it into heat or electricity. Wind can also be harnessed to produce by the machines called aero generators.

In the oceans, air land, underground the earth has unlimited energy sources. We should seek and improve them more efficiently.


II. Give English equivalents of:

1. ископаемые виды горючего

2. восстановленные источники энергии

3. источники электроэнергии

4. исчерпываться

5. использовать подземное тепло


III. Give Russian equivalents of:

1. compete effectively

2. capture the sun’s light energy

3. improve energy sources

4. dependent on those sources

5. available energy technology

IV. Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense:

1. He’ll be furious if he ever ……….(find out) about this.

2. The animals at the zoo ………… (die) unless they’re fed.

3. If you drink all that juice, you ……..(be) sick.

4. If he ……….. (not drive) so fast, he will not have an accident.

5. She’ll be on time for the meeting if she ………… (leave) early.


V. Write Type 2 conditionals to match these situations:

1. I don’t have a spare ticket. I can’t take you to the concert.

2. She drinks too much coffee. She doesn’t feel calm.

3. He can’t type. He isn’t able to operate a computer.

4. They don’t understand the problem. They won’t find a solution.

5. You can’t run fast. You won’t be an Olympic champion. 


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