I. Read and translate in written form the following text
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People of working age can be divided into three groups: the employed, the self-employed, and the unemployed.

About two thirds of the work-force are employed in service industries; compared with one quarter in manufacturing industry. A number of government schemes, programs were introduced to help unemployed people find work.

Many unemployed people look for work in advertisements, such as those in local newspapers. Others make their first search through the government Jobcentres, where local jobs are advertised and where individual advice is given. Training can also be obtained through the Open College that provides courses by radio and television. Two further schemes are Business Growth Training which offers financial help to employers training their own employees, and the Enterprise Allowance Scheme, which helps unemployed people start their own business.

If a parson is unemployed for six months or longer, he or she may attend an interview with a “Restart” counselor, who will suggest alternative way of finding work. Similar Schemes operate in the USA.


II. Give English equivalents of:

1. по сравнению

2. ввести правительственные программы

3. подготовить своих собственных служащих

4. начинать собственный бизнес

5. правительственные центры занятости


III. Give Russian equivalents of:

1. to divide into

2. two-thirds

3. to look for work in advertisement

4. such as

5. a number of


IV. Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense:

1. If you read this paragraph, you ….. (see) what I mean.

2. If he ….. (drive) down this street, he will see the shop to his left.

3. They will understand the rule if they ….. (listen) to him carefully.

4. If you follow the instructions, you ….. (make) it.

5. If she ….. (give) me her pen, I’ll write it down for her.


V. Write Type 2 conditionals to match these situations:

1. His sister is so boring. She talks so much.

2. Jack travels so much. He is very popular.

3. It is so wet. It rains so much.

4. She is healthy. She will not catch a cold.

5. They are kind-hearted. They help people.


VI. Translate the given sentences. Mind the First, the Second and the Third Conditionals.

1. If you get interested in the details of the process, we’ll discuss everything later on.

2. I’ll speak to her, if she answers the phone.

3. If I had left home earlier, I would not have missed the train.

4. The students would make fewer mistakes if he were more attentive.

5. He will meet us if he has free time.


VII. Translate the given sentences into English.

1. Если будет слишком холодно для работы в саду, я буду читать книгу.

2. Если я куплю билеты в театр мы сможем провести вечер в городе.

3. Я бы починил утюг, если бы не шел сейчас на футбол.

4. Если бы у меня сейчас был нужный вид масла, я бы смазал твою швейную машинку.

5. Если бы Том вызвал мастера, он смог бы посмотреть вчера футбол.


VIII. Translate modal verbs or their equivalents into English.

1. You (должны) struggle for your rights.

2. He (сможет) to use this phenomenon in his work.

3. She (может) be late: she has a lot of work.

4. We (должны были) to send for a doctor: she feels bad.

5. You (следует) pay attention to your translation.


IX. Translate the following sentences into Russian. Mind the Modal Verbs.

1. She will have to go there tomorrow.

2. They must be in the library now.

3. He was to be here at 9 o’clock, but he didn’t come.

4. We were obliged to go there.

5. You needn’t have done it.


X. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Пол часа я пытался открыть дверь, но не смог.

2. Оденься теплее. Ты можешь простудиться.

3. Когда я вышел на улицу. Шел дождь и был вынужден вернуться за зонтом.

4. Тебе не надо готовить обед, мы сегодня будем ужинать в ресторане.

5. Кто должен убирать в твоей комнате?



XI. Choose the proper form. Rewrite the sentences and translate them.

Model: She said that they _________ in Oxford. a) lived b)lives c) will live

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