I. Read and translate in written form the following text
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The famous box is familiar to most of us. It is legendary invincible. The “black” box is in fact painted fluorescent orange. It was originally called a black box in the days when anything to do with electronics was new and strange. They are painted orange nowadays to make them more easily visible in the event of a crash.

There are two kinds of black box: the flight data recorder (FDR) and the cockpit voice recorder (CVR).

Both are stores at the rear of an aircraft. There the fuselage meets the upper tail fin – the part of plans that the best survival record. The same principle applies to human passengers – you’re safer at the back.

Despite their reputation, neither box in fact indestructible. They can withstand a temperature of 1,100 C for 30 minutes and 250 C for 10 hours. They must also be able to survive and impact force of gravity.

Flight recorders are encased in two thickness of platinum. Memory chips holds the flight data. While FDR`s make an electronic record of the plane’s mechanical performance, CVR`s record the communication between the crew. But they are still only recorded in 80 percent of accidents.


II. Give English equivalents of:

1) Легендарная нерушимость

2) В случае катастрофы

3) Запись данных полета

4) Запись голосов в кабине

5) Выдерживать температуру


III. Give Russian equivalents of:

1) Familiar to us

2) To go with

3) To survive an impact force

4) To force if gravity

5) To be encased


IV. Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense:

1. If it ….. (be) cold for gardening, I’ll write some letters.

2. The doctor ….. (help) them if they go to him.

3. If you take a taxi, we ….. (not be) late.

4. If she ….. (come) to our place on Sunday, we will show her our garden.

5. If you look at the time-table, you ….. (know) when the train arrives.


V. Write Type 2 conditionals to match these situations:

1. I don’t travel around the world. I don’t see many new places.

2. I don’t see many new places. I don’t meet different people.

3. I don’t meet different people. I don’t learn a lot.

4. I don’t learn a lot. I don’t become wiser.

5. I don’t become wiser. I don’t lead a better life.


VI. Translate the given sentences. Mind the First, the Second and the Third Conditionals.

1. The student won’t pass his exams in time unless he works hard.

2. I will tell him about my problems if he appears here one of these days.

3. If Mr. Smith knew the address, he would write the answer at once.

4. He would not have failed the exam if he worked hard.

5. I will give you my text-book if you return in next week.


VII. Translate the given sentences into English.

1. Если бы ему сейчас не надо было идти к врачу, он бы отнес эту одежду в химчистку.

2. Если бы он вчера починил электрочайник, его жена сделала бы ему на завтрак чай.

3. Если бы он не был такой умный, он бы не написал свою первую программу в девять лет.

4. Что ты будешь делать, если ты проголодаешься?

5. Если позвонит Джейн, попроси ее оставить для меня сообщение.


VIII. Translate modal verbs or their equivalents into English.

1. He is perfectly right: you (должны) accept his proposal.

2. They (смогут) apply this method in their experiments.

3. We have finished our work, (можно ли) we go to the cinema?

4. He (вынужден был) to pass this exam once more.

5. The lecture (должна) to begin at 9.


IX. Translate the following sentences into Russian. Mind the Modal Verbs.

1. I said that he couldn’t have done it.

2. He may not know her address.

3. Do you have to pass all your examinations?

4. You needn’t come so early.

5. He ought to have sent the telegram last week.


X. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Почему полиция не смогла найти грабителя?

2. Детям нельзя смотреть телевизор столько, сколько они хотят.

3. Наши друзья, возможно, вернутся к вечеру.

4. Мы должны поговорить об этом завтра.

5. Мне пришлось вернуть билеты в кассу.

XI. Choose the proper form. Rewrite the sentences and translate them.

Model: She said that they _________ in Oxford. a) lived b)lives c) will live

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