Время и времена года (Time and seasons)
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Существительные Глаголы Прилагательные Выражения
colour I.С. weather L5 summer L6 winter L6 spring L6 autumn L6 flower L7 the sun L10 second L12 minute L12 hour L12 rain L16 snow L16 season L16 air L16 sky L16 bird L21 tree L21 wind L26 clouds L26 rain L16 snow L16 rise L16 set L16 sing L17 shine L21 blow L25 cover L26 fine I.C. long I.С. short I.C. sunny L10 dark L15 light L15 warm L16 cold L16 hot L16 rainy L16 snowy L16 pleasant L21 stormy L26 calm L26 cloudy L26 cloudless L26 half an hour L12 an hour and a half L12 a quarter of an hour L12 What time is it by your watch? L15 My watch is slow (fast) L15 My watch keeps good (bad) time L15 How many minutes is your watch slow (fast)? L15 My watch is five minutes slow (fast) L15 in blossom L21 to be covered with L26

Дополнительные слова и выражения no теме

leaf (pl leaves) лист grass трава frost мороз thaw таять hail идти (о граде) warm oneself погреться, согреться wet сырой to get wet промокнуть



Командировка (Business trip)

Существительные Глаголы Выражения
suit-case L13 railway station L13 voyage L14 ship L14 port L15 plane L16 airport LI6 ring up L9 pack L13 wish L13 sail L14 start for L16 start off L16 land L16 get out of L16 change trains L23 accompany L25 Will you stay at your friend’s or at a hotel? L10 Will you put up at a hotel for a fortnight? L10 to say good-bye L13 to make a voyage L14 by plane L16 by train L16 Did you have a good journey? L16 I wish you a happy journey! L16 A pleasant journey to you! L16 How do you like it here? L16 Where do we change? L23 Shall we have a change? L23 in advance L28 a booking office L28 to book a ticket L28 to go on a business trip L28 to miss the train L28 to catch the train L28

Дополнительные выражения по теме

    to reserve a room at a hotel забронировать комнату в гостинице



Карта мира (The map of the world)

Существительные Глаголы Прилагательные Выражения
city LV I.C. country L5 forest L10 river L10 sea L10 the North L14 the South L14 the West L14 the East L14 town L16 mountain L16 lake L17 ocean L17 visit L10 travel L13 cross L23 large LV I.C. long LVI I.C. high L9 industrial L11 agricultural L11 beautiful L11 important L11 wide L11 different L13 to travel about a country L17 to be famous for smth. L17

Дополнительные слова no теме

  to wash омывать to border on граничить c to be situated быть расположенным, находиться    



В магазине (Shopping)

Существительные Глаголы Прилагательные Выражения
meat L12 shirt L13 trousers L13 dress L13 hat L13 suit L13 coat L13 overcoat (greatcoat) L13 shoe L13 boot L13 suit-case L13 shop L13 food L13 buyer L13 Salesman L13 saleswoman L13 rouble L13 boat L16 fur L16 fur cap L16 glove L16 milk L19 buy L12 sell L12 cost L13 pay L13 try on L13 fine LIII large LV yellow LVII brown LVII white LVIII short LIX small LX blue LX green LX beautiful LII warm L16 to go shopping L13 to do some (one’s) shopping L13 How much is it? L13 What does it come to? L13 I should like to buy a pair of shoes L13 Would you like to try these shoes on? L13 My size is thirty seven L13 Is this book on sale now? L26

Дополнительные слова и выражения no теме

Department store универсальный магазин butter масло     These shoes are too tight. Эти туфли мне тесны . This overcoat is too loose. Это пальто велико мне . That hat matches my coat. Та шляпа подходит к моему пальто. This suit fits me all right. Этот костюм как раз по мне. This colour becomes you. Вам идет этот цвет . What size do you want? Какой размер вам нужен ? What size shoes (gloves) do you wear? Какого размера туфли (перчатки) вы носите? These shoes are two sizes too large. Эти туфли на два номера больше моего размера.


В гостях. Праздники* (Guests. Holidays)

Существительные Глаголы Прилагательные Прочие Выражения
holiday L10 face L13 invitation L16 the sky L16 song L16 demonstration L21 dance L21 celebration L21 anniversary L21 flag L22 receive L3 smile L13 greet L15 invite L16 shine L16 have... on L16 laugh L16 sing L16 be full of L21 introduce L21 dance L21 joke L21 celebrate L21 carry L26 gather L27 be crowded L27 smiling L13 happy L13 warm L16 cold L16 gay L19 bright L20 pleasant L21 heartily L15 gaily L19 brightly L20 joyfully L24 High in the sky L16 to take part in the demonstration L21 with pleasure L21 a dinner party L21 a birthday party L21 to celebrate one’s birthday L21 to give a party L21 a celebration meeting L21 New Year’s Eve L21 to see the New Year in L21 in one’s company L22 to jump with joy L22 to give smb. a lift L22 a birthday present L23 to make smb. a present L23 Help yourself to... L21 No, thank you, I’ve had enough of it L21 Have some more... L21 Please, I’d like to have some more L21 What about another cup of tea L21

Дополнительные выражения no теме


Here is to your health! за ваше здоровье !


A Happy New Year! С Новым Годом !


The same to you! Вас

также !


Many happy returns of the day! Желаю вам долгих лет жизни!


I wish you health (success, luck etc.) Желаю вам здоровья (успеха, счастья и т.д.)


Театр (Theatre)

Существительные Глаголы Прилагательные Выражения
performance L18 bow L27 actor L28 actress L28 act L28 scene L28 art L28 poster L28 house L28 seat L28 row L28 stalls L28 pit L28 box L28 dress circle L28 balcony L28 gallery L28 (the) lights L28 curtain L28 stage L28 staging L28 acting (= performance) L28 talent L28 audience L28 cast L28 company L28 interval L28 theatre-goer L28 ticket to (for) L28 enjoy L18 bow L27 enjoy oneself L27 amuse L27 amuse oneself L27 act L28 perform L18 play L5 be fond of L28 run L28 be on L28 manage L28 be packed L28 go out L28 go up L28 rise L28 fall L28 stage L28 applaud L28 be pleased L29 be displeased L29 amusing L27 willing L27 vacant L28 taken L28 occupied L28 talented L28 local L28 favourite L28 perfect L28 thrilling L28 to enjoy smth. greatly L18 to clap one’s hands L27 to play the part of L28 to take the opportunity of doing smth. L28 with... in the leading part L28 to sit in the... row L28 to make a deep impression on smb. L28 with a storm of applause L28 to be a great success L28 to book tickets in advance L28 Are you going my way? L28 had better go L28 would rather go L28 How did the concert go? L28 Will this bus take us to the Pushkin Theatre? L29 What’s the fare? L29 I’ll pay your fares L29



Почта (Post Office)

Существительные Глаголы Прилагательные Выражения
postman L23 post-office L23 envelope L23 mail L29 postage L29 letter-box L29 stamp L29 money-order L29 form L29 parcel L29 receipt L29 reply L30 receive L3 write L10 pay L13 post L29 stamp L29 drop in L29 register L29 unexpected L25 unstamped L29 empty L29 to make out one’s handwriting L29 to have a letter to ... registered L29 to send a registered letter L29 to make out a money-order L29 a money-order form L29 a telegram form L29 to fill in a form L29 to hand in a parcel L29 to receive a parcel L29 to accept a parcel L29 to pay double postage L29 by air mail L29 by the morning (evening) mail L29

Дополнительные слова и выражения по теме

post-card почтовая открытка     left-till-ealied-for до востребования



Спорт (Sport)

Существительные Глаголы Прилагательные Выражения
skates L5 skate L5 interesting L5 to play chess L5
skis L5 ski L5 proud L15 to play football L5
record L14 swim L10 possible L16 to play volley-ball L5
air L16 join L12 impossible L16 to play tennis L5
game L18 run L16 fresh L16 to play hockey L5
team L26 manage L28 famous L17 to set (to break) a record L14
sport L30 win L30 joyful L24 in the open air L15
sportsman L30 shout for L30 unexpected L25 to go boating L16
skating-rink L30 lose L30 local L28 to try one’s best L24
stadium L30   talented L28 to be upset L25
fan L30   favourite L28 to cover a distance of L26
score L30   thrilling L30 to be surprised L26
champion L30     to be fond of L28
championship L30     to be a success L28
contest L30     on the ice L30
match L30     to go in for Sport L30 to be out of practice L30 a pair of skates L30 with a score of one to three L30 in one’s favour L30 to end in a draw L30 to be in good form L30



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