The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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The full name of the country the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England is the largest and the richest country of Great Britain. The capital of England is London but there are other large industrial cities, such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and other famous and interesting cities such as York, Chester, Oxford and Cambridge. Scotland is a country in the north of Great Britain. It is a part of the UK. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, well known for its castle. Wales is the country in the west of Great Britain. It is mainly a mountainous land with a chiefly agricultural economy and an industrial and coal-mining area in the south.  

Northern Ireland, also known as Ulster, is still a part of the United Kingdom. It is made up of six countries. One third of the population lives in and around the capital, Belfast. The Irish population is divided into two groups: the Protestants and the Catholics.

In general the territory of the UK is about 244,000 square kilometres, it takes the 75th place among other countries in the world. The population is urban. The capital of the country is London. Now Great Britain is separated from the continent by the English Channel, the narrowest part of which is called the Strait of Dover. The British Isles are surrounded by the Irish Sea and the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the North Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. The rivers of the region are short and of no great importance as waterways. The longest of them is "the Father of London", the Thames. The surface of GB varies greatly. But there are no high mountains in Great Britain. All the rest (south, east and centre) is a vast plain, which is called the Lowlands.

The mountains, the Atlantic Ocean and the warm waters of the Gulf Stream influence the climate of GB. So due to the geographic location of Great Britain the type of the climate is oceanic. It is never very cold in winter or very hot in summer. Great Britain is a highly developed industrial country. It is known as one of the world’s largest producers and exporters of iron and steel products, machinery and electronics, chemicals and textile, aircraft and navigation equipment. One of the chief industries of the country is shipbuilding. 7 per cent of the population is engaged in farming. GB is a country with old cultural traditions and customs.

The United Kingdom is a monarchy and the Queen is the head of the state. But in practice it is ruled by the elected government with a Prime Minister at the head. There is no written constitution in Great Britain only precedents and traditions.

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Famous People

Thomas Elva Edison

Edison is known as one of the greatest inventors of his time. He invented so much that it is difficult to say which of his achievements is the greatest. He was an experimenter and a practical man more than a theoretician.

Edison did not have any education. He went to school only for three months. Then he left it because the teacher considered him a dull boy. His mother became his teacher. The boy loved books and his mother said that he had a wonderful memory. When he first visited a public library and saw a lot of shelves with books he decided that he would know everything in the world. He measured the shelf and decided to read a foot of books every week.

In 1868 Edison built his first patented invention - an electromagnetic device. It is said that he planned to ask three thousand dollars for his invention, though he secretly decided he would sell it for two thousand if necessary. He was invited to a meeting of businessmen who were interested in buying his invention, but when he was asked to name the price he was very nervous and quite unable to speak. "It is no use asking us a big price", said one of the businessmen, "we have already decided how much we will pay. Forty thousand dollars is our limit". With this money Edison established a workshop and began his career as a professional inventor at the age of twenty one.

All his inventions were the result of hard work. He sometimes made thousands of experiments. According to his words the idea that a genius works only by inspiration was absurd. "Genius is 2 per cent inspiration and 98 per cent perspiration", he often said.

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                                 My Future Speciality

                                  Electrical EngineeringI am a second-year part-time student of the Institute of Technique, Technology and management. I study at the faculty of Automated Management Systems.Our faculty is rather young. It trains specialists on automated control systems, computer systems, designing and manufacture of electronic devices. Highly-qualified specialists of our profession are needed everywhere. Our life is impossible without automation. It enters everyday life. A machine, a robot, a cybernetic system has replaced man in many areas of production . To master my future speciality I must study well. We study general educational and special subjects. Much attention is given to such subjects as theoretical foundation of electro-engineering, analogue and digital computers. After graduating from the institute we shall work as electrical engineers at different computing centres, design offices and industrial enterprise.                                         Civil Engineering I am second-year student of Balakovo Institute of Technique, Technology and management of the Saratov Technical University. I study at the Engineering faculty. My future speciality is Civil and Industrial Engineering, shortly a builder. The speciality of an engineer requires both general and special training. In the first, second and third years students study higher mathematics, physics, history, foreign languages and other generals educational subjects. Specialization begins in the fourth year. For practical work students have well-equipped laboratories at their disposal. The builder profession attracts a lot of young men and women nowadays. It is a honourable profession. Builders construct and reconstruct residential and industrial buildings, bridges, schools, palaces of culture, museums. They build tunnels, canals, power stations. I am greatly interested in my future profession. I find it both interesting and useful.

                                             Chemical specialist

I am a second-year part-time student of the Polytechnic Institute. I study at the Chemico-Technological faculty. Our faculty was founded in 1957. It is the youngest in the Institute. It trains specialists for the chemical industry.

We live in the chemical age. Our State has always regarded the development of the chemical industry as one of the main tasks. Highly-qualified specialists of our profession arc needed everywhere. Our life is impossible without chemistry. Rockets and car tires, leather goods and clothing, shoes and photographic films - are products of the chemical industry. Chemistry enters our every-thy life. New branches of chemistry appear. That's why I find my profession both interesting and important.

To master my future speciality I must study well. We study general educational and special subjects. Each term we carry out laboratory, course works and projects. This kind of work is very useful for a future engineer. After graduating from the institute we shall work as engineers or technologists at chemical plants or laboratories. Our task as future chemical specialists will be to satisfy the need for textiles by developing the production of natural and man-made fibres.

M achine -Building

I am a second-year student of the Mechanical faculty of the Balakovo Polytechnical Institute of the Saratov Technical University. Machine-building is my future speciality. I like it very much. I think that it is the best one.

To master my profession I must study many basic subjects such as strength of materials, theory of machines and mechanisms, machine elements, theoretical mechanics, principles of automation of production processes and some others. My favourite subject is metal processing.

Our speciality is becoming one of the leading branches in our economy. People use all kinds of mechinisms in their activities, among them: cars, tractors, machine-tools, trains, planes, rockets and so on.

Machine-building has an effective influence on the growth of production, on raising labour productivity, accelerating technical progress, improving the quality of output, helping, to save raw materials and energy.

Automation of all industrial processes is of great importance at today‘s stage of the development of engineering. Each year the graduates of our faculty begin to work as designers or tecnologists at plants, design bureaus.






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1. Выполнение контрольной работы и их оформление……………….3

2. Исправление работы на основе рецензий……………………………4

3. Информационное задание к контрольной работе №1………………4

4. Контрольная работа №1………………………………………………9


1. Студент должен выполнить в первом курсе две контрольные работы по французскому языку. На первом курсе выполняются контрольные работы № 1, 2.

2. Каждая контрольная работа дается в пяти вариантах. Студент должен выполнить один из пяти вариантов в соответствии со своим направлением подготовки.

Вариант № 1 выполняют студенты направлений ТМОБ, КТОП, ХМТН.

Вариант № 2 выполняют студенты направления ЭЛЭТ.

Вариант № 3 выполняют студенты направления ТПЭН.

Вариант № 4 выполняют студенты направления СТЗС.

Вариант № 5 выполняют студенты направлений ИСТ, УПТС.

3. Письменные контрольные работы должны выполняться в отдельной тетради.

4. Работы должны быть написаны аккуратно, четко, без орфографических ошибок. Работы должны быть выполнены в той последовательности, в какой они даны в настоящих методических указаниях.

5. Необходимо оставлять в тетради широкие поля для исправлений, объяснений и методических указаний рецензента.

6. Материал контрольной работы следует располагать в тетради по следующему образцу:


Левая страница Правая страница


Содержание контрольного задания Ответ

7. Если контрольная работа выполнена без соблюдения указаний или не полностью, она возвращается без проверки.

8. Выполненные контрольные работы следует направить для проверки и рецензирования в институт в установленные сроки.

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