Alignment of text data in a cell in the Excel default occurs?

+On the left edge of the cell

-On the right edge of the cell.

-On both sides.

-After two spaces.

-In center.



There are type number 1 in cell A1, which result will be in cell B2, if there is a formula

= IF (A1 <0; A1 * 2; A1 - A1)?








In electronic table written formula = $B$5 * V5 in cell H5. Which formula will be taken from it by copying the cell H7?

+= $B$5 * V7.

-= $B$5 * V5.

-= $B$7 * V7.

-= B$7 * V5.

-= $B$5 * 5.



Choose the false mean of the cell name:








What type of addressing Excel uses by default?




-relative and absolute

-relative, absolute and exclusive



Absolute cell address is correct:


-> $C4

-X> 125





As when you first open, the program file is called Excel?

+Book 1.

-Document 1.

-File 1.

-Sheet 1.

-Folder 1.



Columns marked ...

+Latin letters A, B, ..., Z, AA, AB, ....

-integers from 1 to 65536.

-combination of whole numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet.

-depending on the user settings.

-no right answer.



Entering information into the active cell is performed from the keyboard by pressing and ends ...








F2 key in Excel is used to ...

+edit the data in the table.

-create the formula.

-entering data into a cell.

-copy data to the clipboard.

-installation of the absolute address of the cell.



Group of cells that form a rectangle called ...

+range of cells.

-rectangle of cells.

-intervals cells.


-work paper.



MS Access program

-processing and provides a visual display of the data provided in table form

+provides information storage, input new records, edit existing ones, the sample data and presented it in the right way

-is a multi-processing program used to create documents and reports

-all answers are correct

-facilitates the creation and display of a set of information, which combines text with graphics, images, photographs, sound, video and animation features



A database created in Access with extension:

- *.dll



- *.ppt




What's a table in Access

- to display the data in a form

- to search data

- to sort

- for report

+ storage



The basis of the database (DB) is

- table, column, which is a record, and the string field

- the form allows more clearly display information database record

- objects designed to retrieve information from the database

+ table column is called a field, and the string writing

- forms, queries, tables, reports,




- is a question that refer to the table. When you save the issue persist the data

+ is a question that refer to the table. When you save, the data is not saved

- this is a question to which a table, form, report. When you save the data store

- this is a question to which a table, form. When you save the data stored

- this is a question to which a table, form. When you save the data is not saved



Types of data models, database are

+ Hierarchical, network, relational

- stacks, queues

- corporate, local, computer

- local, distributed, linear

- text, table, base



The basic element of MS Access is

- macro

- table

- field

- form

+ record



From the list, specify the type of data that is not the type of data Access is

- text

+ real

- money

- number

- logical



The report is

- object used to save the document

- object you want to remove the document

- object used for presentations

+ object used to print the document

- object used to create the document



Which of the sequence is sorted in ascending order

- aster, rose, lily, carnation

- pit, mud, ravine, rock, shore

+ 11/10/96, 12/02/97, 11/02/98, 02/14/99

- 12,144,245,53,94

- $ 10, $ 25, $ 5, $ 33



To move the table from field to field use

+ Tab key

- Enter key

- Shift - Tab

- End key

- Esc key



The reports are

+ to release the information to the paper

- to sort

- to search data

- storage

- to display data on the screen



A set of techniques and methods of use of the objects of some applications in the documents of other applications

- Internet technology

+ OLE technology

- programming


- network Technologies



OLE Object field

- allows the user to enter data into the database tables, without direct access to the actual tables

- special type for storing calendar dates and the current time

- special type for storing large amounts of text

+ a special type of storage for archiving pictures, photos

- special type for storing unique natural numbers with automatic capacity



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