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304.For example, a molecule consisting of two atoms can be thought of as having three degrees of freedom.

305.Current is the amount of electricity flowing through a wire and is proportional to the amount of power being used.

306.Presented here is an approximately 500 watt induction heater that you can build at home from commonly available parts

307.The remainder of the photo resist material is removed through a similar washing process, revealing the etched surface of the wafer.

308.A wire carrying current becomes hot because electrical energy is being converted by the resistance of the wire into heat energy.

309.At the receiving terminal, the radio signal is intercepted by an antenna, amplified and changed in frequency, demodulated, and demultiplexed so that it can be distributed to the individual users.

310.A digital communication system has several distinguishing features when compared with an analog communication system.

311.Ionic bonds, when broken or formed, result in electrons moving from one place to another.

312.The units in which volume is measured depend on a variety of factors, such as the system of measurement being used and the type of material being measured.

313.The electrons entering the lamp have a higher electrical energy than the electrons leaving the lamp.

314.The units in which volume is measured depend on a variety of factors, such as the system of measurement being used and the type of material being measured.

315.When referring to electronic circuits, the signal used in an amplifier is mostly either current or voltage.

316.While comparing the activity of pure uranium to a uranium ore sample, the Curies found that the ore was significantly more radioactive than the pure material.

317.While performing his electric demonstration, Hans Christian Oersted noted to his surprise that every time the electric current was switched on, the compass needle moved.

318.When buying a price guide, always try to get the latest edition in order to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

319.This phenomenon became even more interesting when it was discovered that identical materials, after having been rubbed with their respective cloths, always repelled each other:

320.All other factors being equal, greater plate area gives greater capacitance; less plate area gives less capacitance.

321.All other factors being equal, greater permittivity of the dielectric gives greater capacitance; less permittivity of the dielectric gives less capacitance.

322.In the nickel-iron cell (sometimes called the Edison cell), the negative plate is made of iron oxide, with the resistance being reduced by a little mercuric oxide, the whole being enclosed in perforated steel tubes and assembled in steel plates.

323.In a twisted pair each pair of cables is twisted with a slow twist of about one to two twists per metre. These cables are made in many different impedances, 100 to 150 Ohms being the most common.

324.The system divides all knowledge into twenty-one basic classes, each identified by a single letter of the alphabet.

325.The most complex system configuration occurs when there are many stations, each having both a transmitter and receiver, and where any station can transmit to one or more other stations simultaneously.

326.Voltage is measured in volts, with one volt being defined as the electrical pressure required to force an electrical current of one ampere through a resistance of one Ohm.

327.There is a connection between temperature and magnetism, with heat acting as a force to reduce the strength of a magnetic field.

328.Light waves are amplified in stimulated emission, the process used by lasers.

329.A magnet has a magnetic pole at each end, one called the north pole and one called the south pole.

330.Cabbage and root crops are stored at a temperature from – 1° to 1°C, with the temperature being maintained by forced ventilation.

331.When using 8-bit color, there is a definition of up to 256 colors forming a palette for this image, each color denoted by an 8-bit value.

332.But as chips get cheaper and smaller, an endless variety of electronic appliances will proliferate: digital wallets, smart cards, wrist radios, monitoring chips installed in your child’s shoes or sewn into your dog’s ear.



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