II. Неличные формы глагола (Verbals)
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II.1. Инфинитив (Infinitive)


Укажите номера предложений в которых русский перевод должен начинаться со слова “чтобы”.

a) To find the mass of the electron was then very important.

b) To read a map it is important to understand what these symbols, lines and colours.

c) To make it easier to describe elements and molecules chemical formulas are used.

d) Signals are transmitted between devices in order to send and receive information which might be video, audio or some sort of encoded data.

e) To make the first step into the cosmic space was a difficult task.

f) In order to build circuits we will need to become familiar with a few basic components.


Выберите правильный перевод данных на русском языке слов на английский.

1. The phenomenon (которое будет рассмотрено) later was discovered in 1923.

a) dealt with

b) to be dealt with

c) is dealt with

2. The phenomenon (анализируемое) occurs at high temperatures.

a) analyzed

b) to be analyzed

c) is analyzed


Сравните формы инфинитива и переведите их на русский. Определите их функцию .

a) He is happy to invite you to the party.

b) He is happy to be invited to the party.

c) He is happy to have invited you to the party.

d) He is happy to have been invited to the party.

e) He pretended not to have noticed her mistake.

f) A celebration such as this was a chance not to be missed.

g) In order to build circuits, you will need to become familiar with a few basic components.

h) To be recognized gave her great satisfaction.

i) Not to warn him about it was to deprive him the last hope.

j) He hates to be joked at.

k) Our purpose has been to determine the effect of X-rays on the substance under test.

l) We are to take advantage of the high penetrating power of these rays.


Переведите предложения на русский язык, учитывая функции, выполняемые инфинитивом в предложении.

a) Alpha radiation was the first radiation to be studied in details.

b) The voltage to appear in the circuit is supplied by this generator.

c) She always has something to laugh at.

d) The phenomenon to be studied requires much attention.

e) Here are some figures to be referred to later.

f) To be promoted is very important for ambitious people.

g) To investigate this phenomenon we must analyze the experiments.


Укажите предложения, в которых при переводе используются слова “считают, что”, “известно, что”, “говорят, что ”.

a) Waves are said to be an energy transport phenomena.

b) Vacuum tubes are known to have built-in problems.

c) TV signals are radio waves and radio waves are modulated in order to be able to carry information.

d) Capacitance is supposed to be the capacitor’s storage potential.

e) The density of the electron cloud is found to decrease with increased distance from the body.

f) These legends are believed in by all people.


Укажите правильный перевод подчеркнутых слов.

1. This method is expected to be correct.

a) Ожидаемый метод

b) Метод предполагает

c) Предполагают, что

2. This type of electric car motor seems to be the most efficient and consistent when some load conditions are encountered.

a) Выглядит

b) Кажущийся

c) Оказывается

3. This discussion is likely to be very hot.

a) Подобный

b) Подходящий

c) Вероятно

4. Alpha particle proved to be particles much heavier than the electrons

a) Доказали

b) Оказалось

c) Доказанные


Выберите правильный перевод подчеркнутых слов.

1. Newton considered mass to represent the “quantity of matter” in a body.

a) Рассчитывал массу представить

b) Считал, что масса представляет

c) Рассматривал массу, представляющую

2. We know the device to play a great part in human life.

a) Мы знаем прибор, который играет

b) Мы знаем, что этот прибор сыграл

c) Мы знаем, что этот прибор играет

3. We watched them do the experiment and admired their professionalism.

a) Мы следили за ними, выполняющими

b) Мы наблюдали их выполнение

c) Мы наблюдали, как они выполняют

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