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1. The bands are separated by gaps, where electrons cannot exist.

2. At various stages during these processes, additional materials are added, exposed, washed/etched and polished.

3. Nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons, and the number of protons and neutrons are balanced.

4. Computer programs that can classify data are employed in various technical devices, such as smart phones.

5. This flow of current from positive to negative is generally known as conventional current flow.

6. Current is measured in amperes, which is abbreviated "amps".

7. When the signal has been emitted, the transducer connections in the filter junction box are changed so that the transducer can act as a receiver of sound waves.

8. The bands are separated by gaps, where electrons cannot exist.

9. There are only a few elements in the periodic table that are attracted to magnets.

10. The concept of the electric field was introduced by Michael Faraday.

11. In 2010 Geim and Novoselov were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for that achievement.

12. Shocks from electric fish were again reported millennia later by ancient Greek, Roman and Arabic naturalists and physicians.

13. The invention of the nitrogen-filled lamp has been followed by the argon and neon lamps for special purposes.

14. Fiber optic laser systems are being used in communication networks.

15. Minor surgical procedures are increasingly being performed in primary healthcare facilities.

16. Even as existing capabilities are being improved, new areas of microelectronic use are being explored.

17. Films of molecules rather than individual molecules are being considered for use in optical disks and other data storage technologies.

18. Presently, active microelectronic DNA arrays are being developed for applications in genomic research and DNA diagnostics.

19. A summary of the research methodology is presented in section 1.8 and this is followed by definitions of key terminologies in section 1.9.

20. Fiber optic technology is being used to replace copper in transoceanic cables and cables in other areas where large amounts of data are sent.

21. Since the days of Gilbert it had been thought that electricity and magnetism were in some way related.

22. Вy 1926 the very foundation of atomic physics had been rebuilt by the discoverу of wave mechanics.

23. This breakthrough was reported recently in the journal Science.

24. Like so many scientific advancements, holography was simultaneously being developed by other scientists.

25. Each end of the magnet is acted upon by a force «f» as shown.

26. This flow of electrical charge is referredto as electric current.

27. Furthermore, the characteristics of AC signal in the circuit are influenced by the capacitor.

28. The absence of the electron's negative charge can be thought of as creating a positively charged hole.

29. The performance of the CPU is affected by the number of cores, clock speed and memory.

30. An object partially or wholly immersed in a gas or liquid is acted upon by an upward force.

31. The classical free electron model was succeeded by the more sophisticated band theory of solids.

32. Faraday’s Law was followed by a series of more advanced discoveries such as Lentz’s Law.

33. Most work is being done below 10 meters.

34. The computer is also being used more and more in everyday cash transactions.

35. It was stated above that a number of instable isotopes are found in nature.

36. Since the electrons come from the cathode, they are some­times referred to as cathode rays.

37. One important fact should be noted here.

38. The exact operation of some devices cannot be much relied upon

39. In semiconductors such as germanium and silicon the electrical conductivity is strongly affected by impurities.

40. The choice of application is usually a matter of preference, but can be influenced by the size and shape of the test piece.

41. In the presence of gravitational field (or, in general, of any potential field) the molecules of gas are acted upon by the gravitational forces.


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