Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
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Kiev National University of Trade and Economics was founded in1966, now it is the leading University of Ukraine.

The KNUTE is a higher educational establishment that trains highly qualified specialists for non-production sphere: trade, catering, financial institution and banks, hotels, tourist complexes, the Customs, etc.

It is an educational establishment of the highest level of accreditation/ Its teaching staff do their best to perfect forms and methods of teaching.

Training is carried out in modern laboratories and studies. Students have an opportunity to work on PCs equipped with the latest program products.

The best students may continue their studies abroad.

The University encourages all the students to do scientific research and actively participate in scientific conferences and seminars.

The University is a complex of buildings, consisting of an academic and laboratory building, a library, an assembly hall, a teaching and production catering complex with a students’ café. Students, specializing in catering are trained in the training production catering centre.

Now Kiev National University of Trade and Economics trains specialist by state order and on a contractual basis.

The University staffs do everything to help each student find his own place in life, in a new market-oriented society and make a brilliant career.

2. Дайте відповідь на запитання:

1) What specialities does the University train?

2) What opportunity do the students have?

3) When was this University founded?

4) How does Kiev National University of Trade and Economics train students?

3. Заповніть пропуски відповідною формою дієслова to be: am , is або are .Перекладіть речення на українську мову.

1) I … not from England, I … from Ukraine.

2) We … Ukrainians. We … not Americans.

3) My grandparents … farmers. They … in a village.

4) It … winter. We … cold. We … in the street. It … windy today.

5) These birds … sparrows. Those birds … nightingales.

4. Перекладіть речення українською мовою. Пам’ ятайте про те, що в сталих виразах дієслово to have  втрачає своє основне значення “ мати (щось)» .

1) I usually have a shower in the morning.

2) Max always has breakfast with his elder brother.

3) I don’t have time even to have a walk in the evening.

4) These boys are very naughty. They like to have a fight.

5) In summer we always have a good time in a village.

Заповніть пропуски одним із поданих у дужках дієслів. Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

1) His elder brother …a taxi ( drive, drives).

2) I … to school five times a week ( goes, go).

3) Those girls always … so many questions ( asks, ask).

4) We … our teacher ( understands, understand).

5) That puppy … a lot ( sleep, sleeps).

6. Перекладіть наступні речення :

1) Мої батьки працюють у лікарні.

2) Його дядько водить таксі.

3) Ми зазвичай снідаємо о восьмій годині ранку.

4) Ми ніколи не сваримося.

5) Дякую! Ми добре провели час із вами.

7. Оберіть правильну відповідь:

1) My mother … a bad headache.

A) have got

B) am

C) has got

2) Where the Johnsons (live)?

A) Where do the Johnsons live?

B) Where are the Johnsons live?

C) Where does the Johnsosns live?

3) Margie and her sister … wonderful voices.

A) does

B) has got

C) have got

4) I (not/understand) that man because I (not/know) English/

A) not understand, don’t know

B) don’t understand, not know

C) don’t understand, don’t know

5) -…you … any time to help me? – Sorry, I … .

A) Do you have, don’t

B)  Have you got, am not

C)  Do you have, have got

6) Call for an ambulance if he (feel) worse.

A) will feel

B) feels

C) feel




Прочитайте та перекладіть українською мовою весь текст. Перепишіть та письмово перекладіть з 1-го по 5-й абзаци тексту .

Science and Culture

Science and culture are two powerful wings of progress of the youth of a country. The material level can help and influence the cultural conditions of young people.

The might of the country lies in the unity of its people. Special attention is being paid to studying the native Ukrainian culture. Many Ukrainian poets, writers, and scientists are unknown to the wider society.

The primary task of today is to accelerate the cultural development of activities for young people’s aesthetic education. Pupils and students learn to sing and dance, and play musical instruments in circles of amateur art.

Circles of amateur art activities, festivals, holidays of songs and music, days of poetry, library meetings, exhibitions of children’s drawing and painting, school amateur theatres and creative associations of young literature fans testify to the growth of performers’ skill and actively contribute to the development of aesthetic inclinations.

In their leisure time youth participate in sports, go to the libraries, parks, cinemas, theatres, and concert halls. They can visit art exhibitions, the zoo, or the circus. It is possible to see a great progress in the creation of different youth ensembles which are popular among young people.


2. Дайте відповідь на запитання:

1. What is the primary task of today?

2. What does lie in the unity of country’s people?

3. Can youth participate in different activities in their leisure time?

4. Where can they go if they have free time?

3. Заповніть пропуски відповідною формою дієслова to be: am, is або are .Перекладіть речення на українську мову.

1) My trousers … new.

2) My cousins … … workers. They … students.

3) These students … future economists

4) The Great Lakes … in France.

5) Steven Spielberg … a film-star. He … a film-maker.

4. Перекладіть речення українською мовою. Пам’ ятайте про те, що в сталих виразах дієслово to have  втрачає своє основне значення “ мати (щось)» .

1) I have got a collection of posters.

2) My friend usually has lunch at 8 o’clock in the morning.

3) Rita has got a lot of e-mail penfriends.

4) That black dog has three funny puppies.

5) We have the Internet in our office.

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