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Let me introduce myself. My name is …. I was born in 19 … in the town of … When I was a pupil I dreamed of studying at the University but only this year my dreams came true. I have passed my entrance exams with good and excellent marks and now I am a student. I am a first-year student of the correspondence department of the Donbass State Technical University. I study economics and finance.

The Donbass State Technical University was founded in 1957. At that time there were only 3 departments with the student’s body of about 226 students.

Now the University is one of the biggest higher schools of Ukraine. More than 16.000 students of the day time and correspondence forms of education study at the University. There are 7 departments, such as Mining, Metallurgical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Automation of Industrial Processes, Economics and finances and Management Department. The University has a post-graduate course in many specialities.

The teaching staff numbers 790 teachers. There are 536 Masters of Science and 45 Doctors of Science among them. Many teachers are former graduates of our University.

At their disposal students and teachers of the University have 8 buildings with lecture-rooms, research laboratories, experimental plants, computing centers, shops equipped with the latest instruments and apparatus and a scientific library. There is more than a million of books and periodicals which students may use free of charge.

The University carries out extensive researches and solves important problems for the national economy. Most of the students take an active part in research work. Some of the students’ projects are put into practice. The students must work hard to get deep knowledge and to have a chance to be employed well.

There are 5 hostels which are not far from the University. The young people have every opportunity to spend their leisure in an interesting way. There is a center of culture and leisure “Talent” where students can listen to music, dance and discuss their problems. It provides a wide choice of amateur art activities, the dance, musical and theatrical groups are the most popular ones.

Special attention is paid to physical culture. The University has some sport grounds, a sport club and a sport camp situated in the Azov Sea.

The University has already trained more than 70.000 qualified specialists for the national economy. They work at the factories, mines, , banks and different firms of our country.

7. Дайте відповіді на запитання

When was our University founded?

How many students studied at that time?

How many students study at that time?

Why do we say that our University is one of the biggest higher schools of Ukraine?

What do students have at their disposal?

Why should the students work hard?

How do the students spend their leisure time?

Where do our graduates work?

Вірно чи невірно?

Our University was founded in the 20th century, wasn’t it?

The University is one of the biggest higher schools in Ukraine.

Only day-time students study at the University.

There are 7 departments in our University.

Many teachers are former graduates of the University.

The University has everything for successful training of specialists.

The University doesn’t take part in solving national economy problems.

To have a chance to be employed well the students must work hard.

The students do not have every opportunity to spend their leisure in an interesting way.

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