Ex. 17 Make the sentences into negative.

1. They study English at the university.  
2. She writes emails very often.
3. You speak English well.  
4. My mother likes cooking.
5.  Ann has many friends.
6. His brother works in a lab.
7. She reads very fast.
8. They visit granny every weekend.
9. His wife translates speakers at conferences.
10. Elizabeth buys fizzy drinks.

Ex. 18 Write questions using do or does.

1. Yan / speak English at the university / every day?

2. she / play / board games?

3. Nick / have / science classes / at the university?

4. they / go hiking every summer?

5. students / go / on a trip / every holiday?

6. Mark / have / English classes / twice a week?

7. they  / do / home assignment / at home/or / at the library?

8. Your friend/ speak/ several foreign languages?

9. your parents/ travel/ to the sea/ in summer?

10. Liza/ want/ to go to the U.K?

Ex . 19 Translate into English :

1) Мой друг - студент технического университета.

2) Он добирается до университета двумя автобусами. Дорога занимает у него 1.5 часа.

3) Занятия начинаются в 8.30 каждый день, кроме выходных.

4) Они заканчиваются в 15.00 или 15.30.

5) Ему нравится учиться в университете, потому что его студенческая жизнь – интересна.

6) В свободное время он встречается с друзьями.

7)  Они идут в кино или гуляют по городу.

8) Он занимается карате, играет в футбол и на гитаре в свободное время.

9) Вечером он готовится к занятиям и иногда играет в компьютерные игры.

10) Его рабочий день заканчивается в 11.30 и он идет спать.


The Present Continuous Tense

Look at the table and explain what action the present continuous tense express. How is it used?

***Grammar Reference

Present Continuous

Ex. 20 Describe the picture using the Present Continuous tense:

Start with :

№ 1 The boy is ______________________________.

№ 2 The teacher______________________________.


№4 ________________________________________.

№5 The boys are______________________________.

№ 6_________________________________________.



№ 9_________________________________________.

Say what you and your group mates are doing at the moment.

Ex 21. Read the dialogues and complete the sentences with the verb in brackets using the Present Continuous:

Dialogue 1

A: _____you______(use) the computer now?

B: No, the teacher______(wait) for me to discuss my home assignment. Why?

A: I_____ (make) a presentation for my English class at the moment.

B: What’s  wrong with your computer?

A: It_____ (not, work) at the moment. I need my presentation tomorrow.

Dialogue 2

 A: Hello, Ann speaking. How are you?

 B: Hello, Ann! I’m fine. How are you?

 A: I’m fine too. What _____you_____( do) ? ____I_____(disturb) you?

 B: That’s O.K. I________(watch) a DVD film. And Why?

 A: What about going to the cinema tonight? It’s Twilights.

 B: When and where_____we ______ (meet)?

 A: Let’s meet at 5 p.m. next to the Plaza cinema?

 B: Fine. I’ll come. See you. Bye.

 A: Bye.


Ex. 22 Read the text and answer the questions:

Dancing in Class

Mary is sitting in class, she is having Philosophy class. Her professor is standing in front of the room. He is talking. He is talking a lot. Mary is finding the class a bit boring. In Mary’s mind, she is doing something different. In her imagination, she is not sitting in class. She is dancing on a stage in front of hundreds of people/ she is wearing a beautiful costume. She is performing; she is spinning on one leg.

The stage lights are shining in her eyes. She is closing her eyes and concentrating on the music. She is having so much fun! Her heart is beating fast. The music is changing. She is changing her costumes. Now she is dancing again. She is leaping and flying through the air.

Soon, she is finishing her show. The audience is standing on their feet. They are clapping and shouting. “Bravo! Bravo!”. Mary is taking a bow. Mary is smiling for the cameras. “Bravo! Bravo!”. She is having so much fun!


Mary’s classmates are staring at her.

“Mary?” her professor is saying, looking at her with concern. He is not teaching any more.

“Yes?” Mary is feeling  a bit embarrassed. Her cheeks are getting red.

“Are you feeling okay? You are shouting “Bravo! Bravo!” in class.”

“Oh, yes, professor. Sorry. I am just enjoying the class so much. Bravo! Bravo!”


1) Where is Mary? What class is she having?

2) What is the professor doing?

3) Does Mary like the class?

4) What is she doing in her imagination?

5) Why is she closing her eyes?

6) What is the audience doing at the end of the show?

7) How is Mary feeling when the professor starts talking to her?


8) Why does she say she is shouting “Bravo!”?


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