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    ENGLISH and ME



Learning objectives

ü To talk about the reasons of learning English;

ü To develop listening skills on the topic;

ü To revisit the Present Simple and Present Continuous tenses;

ü To expand vocabulary on the topic.

Unit 1                      Why learn English? 

Having a talk

Ex. 1 Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions:

1) What languages do you speak?

2) Do your parents speak any foreign languages?

3) Why do people study foreign languages in your country?

4) What languages are popular in the world now?

5) Is it important for you to study English? Why?




Ex. 2   Read and match the following words:

1 Main A Важный
2 Useful B Международный
3 Important C Великий
4 International D Забавный
5 Funny E Полезный
6 Great F Главный, основной



Ex. 3 Watch the episode where University students in Cambridge speak about the reasons of learning English.  Complete the sentences with one word and translate them into Russian:

1) English language is ____________ language in the world.

2) English is all over the world, it is___________ to learn more about other people.

3) It’ s_______ to go abroad and attend university there.

4) It’s __________ to watch movies and understand songs (lyrics).

5) English is ___________ when you want to find a job.


Ex 4. Watch the episode again and answer the questions:

· Why do the students learn English?

· What do they think of English?

· Why do people in their country learn English?



Ex. 5 Read and translate the words and phrases in the box.

Write them in the empty squares below, crossing them out:

Communication; talk to native speakers; a better job; go abroad; travelling; I like it; do research; business; find new friends; be more independent; interest; pleasure; it is fun; my parents want it; studies; it’s part of University program; broaden horizon. 

Complete the sentences using the phrases above:

1) My friends learn English to____________________________.

2) People in the world learn foreign languages for_________________.

3) I learn English because_________________________________. 




Ex. 6 Watch the episode about the top 10 reasons to learn English. Write down the reasons in the list:

1) __________________ 6)_____________________

2) __________________ 7)_____________________

3) __________________ 8) ____________________                    

4) __________________ 9)______________________

5) __________________ 10)_____________________

Ex. 7 Watch the episode again and complete the sentences:

1. 90 % of the stuff you can ________________ in English.

2. You can ___________ using coach surfing and understand your hosts and easily find a place to stay.

3. You can watch practically __________ or you can __________ your listening skills.

4. You can find a job easily or__________.

5. You are self-reliant, self- sufficient and independent, you don’t need to________.

6. Begin to know other people from different countries. You can _________.



Ex. 8 Read the words and translate them into Russian:

To improve-                                        culture -

Knowledge-                                         conversation-

Access –                                              science-

Key-                                                    center -

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