Books and reading in our life

- In spite of the new information technologies books take an important part in our life, I can tell you.

- What you say’s perfectly true I am also sure that reading is a source of information.

- You may be right, but I think it goes further than that, a lot of further. Reading reflects all the processes in our life.

- The point is that while reading you may feel all the events yourself.

- If you were asked to advise something to read, what would you choose?

- What I choose is connected with classic!

- Would like to add modern literature to your choice.

- Perhaps it is an excellent opportunity to be well – informed.

- And sometimes reading is more like a refuge for the lonely, when you want to forget everything and everybody.

- You are right in a way. It is necessary to be alone in some situations.

- Is and is reading taken up as a pastime?

- As to me reading is a wonderful pastime.

- What, what is reading really for you?

- It’s an important source of information for me I can tell you.


Television and children


- I think that nowadays television is the apple of our eyes.

- Do you really mean it?

- Yes, there’s nothing I like more than television.

- But I must say I am not too found of television.

- Why, isn’t that lovely?

- I am afraid television has some negative influence especially on children?

- What do you mean!

- First of all it is at a great sacrifice to children’s health.

- Really many parents can’t do a thing with their children. They won’t give up watching TV too much.

-Then children are involved in many adult actions such as violence, cruelty, etc.

- But in comparison with their information technologies. It is not so harmful!

- As far as I am able to judge, of course television has some positive influence first of all. There are interesting educational programmes.

- Now there are some children channels, eg. “Telenynya”, “Children world” which can parents brining the children up.

- And about the cultural development.

- Here you have my whole support!

So the point is that there should be measure in everything. Parents should regulate the time and the content of watching.

Men make houses, women make homes

- As far as I am concerned the proverb “Men make houses, women make home is quite just.

- We should take into account that a man must do his best in order not to make ends meet.

- Well, as a matter of fact, a man must be able to give everything for his wife and children to live without problems. It concerns the material and the spiritual aspects.

-I think, I should point out the real family is based not only on the material aspect!

-In fact the home comfort is also of great importance. And just a woman is involved in it.

- You are quite right discomfort makes a man angry.

- And then many problems appear which may result in disgust or even in divorce.

-But I think all these problems avoidable if both men and women put wise about their family life.

- All I can say is if people want to have good relations in their families they should carry out the duties, according to their appointment: a man should build and support his house. A woman should take care of her home.


Books and reading

- Reading is very important and useful, I can tell you.

- I quite agree with you. I am not opposed to your opinion. Now is that everybody is interested in reading.

- Well, you see. Books suit us down to the ground from the very childhood. Where children like to read fairy tales. Which teach the people to be kind, since frank?

- And when we begin to have our feet on the ground books teach us to live in serious life. As you know books are different; they may be documentary, or books about adventures, about love, about nature, and of course there is much scientific literature.

- No doubt. Books cover a lot of ground. Books are our good friends I can tell you.

- It comes about that there are many own, private libraries full of wonderful, interesting books. By the way have you a home library?

- Yes, and I have some very ancient copies. Many generations of our family collected books. And I am proud of my collection I have some handbooks, different encyclopedias. I like to sit in the armchair and to read in silence, looking at the table lamp light.

- So do I. In flesh the books help us much. We are together during the whole life. Oh pardon me, my time is up. I am in a hurry. Our conversation was interesting for both.

- Well see you. If you find any ancient copy of the book, phone me, I’ll be very pleased to come by it.

Man and music

- Many factors influence on the personality’s development and one of them is music. To bring a conclusion I must say that music and our life can’t exist separately.

- There is something special in the way you speak.

- On the contrary. It is not special. Really music is with us constantly. It may be serious, funny, sad, joy, it can control our feelings our mood, it can maintain us, it can cause sorrow, enjoyment etc.

- Well, to my satisfaction I’m glad to listen to your words. Because before our conversation I almost ignored music. Interesting or not I was indifferent to music. But now I change my mind and I am sure that I can set my mind on music.

- I think to achieve it you need to have many music literatures, records at hand.

- I shall try my hand to do it.

- This will be the most I can expect of you.

- Nice of you to say that I’ll try to do my best.

- You are so persistent. You suffer no embarrassment.

- Sure. I’ll eat out of my hand. Then good luck to you.

- Seriously speaking I thing I’ll try to understand the importance of music on the man’s life.


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