Handing in Marriage Advertisements

Setting: The office of the ”Lonely Hearts Column“ of a popular magazine.

Situation: Different people come to the office and leave their advertisements. The journalists give advice on how to write an advertisement for the acquaintance service.


Card I — Amanda, a 16 year-old girl who wants to get acquainted with a ”blue-eyed prince“ or a pop star.

Card II — Miranda, the girls older female friend who tries to talk her out of writing the advertisement.

Card III — Belinda, a middle-aged woman who is a frequenter of the ”Lonely Hearts Column“ because her expectations of the financial position of her prospective fiance are too high.

Card IV — Donald, a very shy young man.

Card V — Ronald, an old bachelor.

Card VI — Archibald, a divorcee with 3 children.

Card VII—VIII — Millard and Lynda, a couple who are happily married thanks to the ”Lonely Hearts Column“ and who came to thank the journalist for his/her help and to share the news that they are expecting a baby.

Card IX—X — Harold and Brenda, a young man and a young woman who fall in love at first sight and decide to get married. They wish to publish the announcement of their wedding instead of the advertisements which they have brought to the magazine.


Write an essay on one of the following topics:

 1. Teenage marriage

 2. Leadership in the family.

 3. Marriage contracts and romantic love.

 4. Divorce and one-parent families.

 5. A white wedding or no wedding?



Unit 3

English as a World Language

Topical Vocabulary


an official language

mother tongue/ native language

to be borrowed


standard English



an international language

international communication

English-speaking countries

to speak English fluently

to make up topics and dialogues

aspects of English




to be good at pronunciation

an accent

to make a mistake

to learn (learnt, learnt) a language

a foreigner

to travel abroad

the knowledge of languages

to communicate with people

to occupy a special place

to be used in various spheres of life

to have a command of a foreign language


официальный язык

родной язык

быть заимствованным


литературный английский

словарь, словарный состав


международный язык

международное общение

англо-говорящие страны

говорить по-английски бегло

составлять темы и диалоги

аспекты английского языка




иметь хорошее произношение


сделать ошибку

учить язык


путешествовать за границу

знание языков

общаться с людьми

занимать особое место

использоваться в различных сферах жизни

владеть иностранным языком



Consult the dictionary and translate the following words and word combinations:


the most used language

can't do without

all over the world

the language of progressive science and technology

to address international mail

to store computer texts

to get a good working knowledge of a language

a language teacher


the most widespread language on the earth

second language

native speakers

to learn professional vocabulary

to study English grammar

to take a lot of time and patience


Vocabulary Exercises

Exercise 1

Match the word combinations from two columns and translate them into Russian.

To have a command of

To be good at

To take a lot of

To make up

To be used in

To communicate with

time and patience


a foreign language


topics and dialogues

various spheres of life


Exercise 2

Translate into English:

англо-говорящие страны; родной язык; во всем мире; занимать особое место; быть заимствованным; международный язык; говорить бегло; делать ошибки; составлять темы и диалоги.

Exercise 3

Fill in the missing prepositions.

1. English is the most widespread language … the earth.

2. It is the language … progressive science and technology.

3. English is used … various spheres of life all … the world.

4. If you want to travel abroad and communicate … people, you should be good … pronunciation and speak English fluently.

5. During the English course students make … different topics and dialogues and study English grammar.



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