Упр . 12. Выберите правильный ответ
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1. They ___ for us near the door.

a) are waiting; b) waits; c) is waiting; d) am waiting.

2. What ___ in the room now?

a) they are doing; b) are they doing; c) do they do; d) they do.

3. Mr. Scott ___ German to Ann at the moment.

a) speaks; b) is speaking; c) are speaking; d) speaking.

4. I am busy now. I ___ to the radio.

a) am listening; b) listen; c) am listen; d) listening.

5. No, I ___ the newspaper at the moment.

a) am not reading; b) don’t read; c) don’t reading; d) amn’t reading.

6. Right now she ____ down a hill.

a) run; b) is running; c) runs; d) is run.

7. What is that noise? Somebody ____ the piano.

a) practices; b) practice; c) is practicing; d) practicing.

8. What ___you ___ now? – I ___ my key. I can’t open the door.

a) do .. do,  look for; c) are … doing, ’m looking for;
b) are … do,  looking for; d) … doing, ’m looking for .

9. Listen! Somebody ___ a lovely song.

a) sings; b) is singing; c) are singing; d) singing.

10. Why ___ the coat? It’s sunny today.

a) are you putting on; c) will you put on;
b) do you put on; d) are you puting on.

11. What time ___ for dinner tonight?

a) is Nick and Rosa coming; c) do Nick and Rosa come;
b) Nick and Rosa are coming; d) are Nick and Rosa coming.


12. Take your umbrella. It ___ cats and dogs.

a) rained; b) are raining; c) is raining; d) raining.

13. Why ___ ? I ____ for you.

a) are you not hurry, am waiting; c) aren’t you hurrying, ’m waiting;
b) aren’t you hurrying, waiting; d) don’t you hurry, am waiting .

14. I don’t speak any foreign languages, but I ___ English now.

a) am learning; b) learn; c) learning. d)’re learning.

15. My Dad ___ overtime this week.

a) works; b) are working; c) is working; d) working.


Past Continuous (Прошедшее длительное время)

Употребляется для выражения конкретного действия, длившегося в точно указанный момент или период в прошлом:

What were you doing at 10 o'clock last night? – Что ты делал вчера вечером в 10 часов?

Указатели времени:  

while – пока, в то время как

still – до сих пор, все еще

all day long – весь день

from … till – с… по…

at that time yesterday –  в это время вчера и т. д.

Утвердительная форма Вопросительная форма Отрицательная форма
I He She       was working It I He She  was not working It      I      he Was     she   working?      it
We You     were working They We You        were not working They    we Were   you         working?     they

Упр . 13. Выберите правильный ответ .

1. They ___ the TV when I came in.

a) watched; b) were watching; c) watching; d) watch.

2. What ___ last Saturday?

a) were they buying ; c) did they buy;
b) they bought; d) they were buying.

3. When I phoned she ___ a bath.

a) had; b) was having; c) was have; d) has.

4. What ___ when your mother came back home?

a) were you doing; b) you did; c) you were doing; d) did you.

5. She ___ at 5 pm yesterday afternoon when I called.

a) cooked; b) was cooking; c) cooking; d) were cooking.

6. Mike was walking to school when he ___ Tom.

a) meet; b) met; c) was meeting; d) meets.

7. I ___ along a road, when a dog ___ out in front of me.

a) drove / was running; b) was driving / ran;
c) was driving / run; d) drove, ran.

8. It ___ heaving when she ___  out of the window.

a) was snowing / looked; b) was snowing / was looking;
c) snowed / was looking; d) snowed, looked.

9. I ___ a friendly dog while I ___ to work today.

a) was seeing / walked; b) was seeing / was walking;
c) saw / was walking; d) saw, walked.

10. They ___ to a birthday party last Saturday.

a) goed; b) were going; c) went; d) going.

11. The train___ on time so we were late.

a) didn’t come; b) wasn’t coming; c) wasn’t come; d) didn’t came.

12.–  ___ you___ for me at 5 p.m.? – Yes, I ___ .

a) Were waiting, waited; c) Waited, waited;
b) Were waiting, was waiting; d) Were waiting, waiting.

13. It ___ dark, so we ___ to return.

a) was growing, were deciding; c) was growing, decided;
b) grow, decided; d) growing, decided.

14. John ___ to the radio, when the batteries ___ out.

a) was listening, ran; c) was listening, was running;
b) listening, ran; d) listened, ran.

15. The students ___ when the teacher ___ the room.

a) talking, entering; c) were talking, entered;
b) were talking, was entering; d) talked, entered.


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