Упр . 8. Выберите правильный ответ

1. My best friend ___ a lot of spare time every day.

a) have; b) has; c) had; d) shall have.

2. ___ you a minute? I’d like to talk to you.

a) Have; b) Are; c) Has; d) Had.

3. I wonder where is Peter? He  ___ some work to do.

a) had; b) have; c) is; d) has.

4. Tomorrow morning I  ___an appointment with my future boss.

a) will have; b) have; c) had; d) am.

5. What about going to the cinema? – I ___ enough money.

a) haven’t; b) had; c) shall have; d) has.

6. Call the police or we’ll ___ problems!

a) have; b) has; c) had; d) are.

7. Next Monday I ___ an exam.

a) shall has; b) will have; c) had; d) am.

8. I decided to ___ a pet in my house because I’m very fond of them.

a) had; b) be; c) have; d) had.

9. Tomorrow we___ a party. Will you join us?

a) will have; b) had; c) are; d) will be.

10. I am going on a business trip to London. – ___ you a ticket?

a) have; b) had; c) are; d) will.

11. I___ some urgent business yesterday.

a) had; b) have; c) will have; d) has.

12. He ___ the desire to communicate with me. I don’t know why.

a) hasn’t; b) haven’t; c) have; d) will.

13. She ___ a large flat in the center of the city.

a) have; b) has; c) is; d) was.

14. I am really very tired after this working week. I need to___  a rest.

a) have; b) has; c) shall have; d) will have.


15. The Browns ___ a nice house in the country.

a) have; b) has; c) will; d) are.


Present Indefinite (Настоящее простое время)


1. Настоящее простое (неопределенное) время (Present Indefinite) употребляется для выражения обычного повторяющегося действия:

We drink coffee every morning. – Мы пьем кофе каждое утро.

Указатели времени:

every day (week, month) – каждый день (неделю, месяц)

daily – ежедневно

always – всегда

often – часто

seldom – редко

sometimes – иногда и др.

2. Для передачи общеизвестных фактов, простых истин, действий и состояний:

The Earth goes round the Sun. – Земля вращается вокруг Солнца.

3. Для выражения ряда последовательных действий в настоящем.

I get up at seven, do morning exercises, then I have breakfast.

Я встаю в семь часов, делаю утреннюю зарядку, затем завтракаю.

Утвердительная форма Вопросительная форма Отрицательная форма
I work Do I play?          I do not (=don't) work.
He She   works It            he Does  she  work?          it   He She           does not work It         =(doesn't work)
We You work         They        we Do   you  work?        they We You     do not work They   = (don’t work)

Упр . 9. Выберите правильный ответ .

1. The child ____ to school every day.

a) will goes; b) go; c) goes; d) does go.

2. His father ____ him there in his car.

a) take; b) takes; c) taken; d) carries.

3. Richard’s life in Paris is a bit difficult. He _____ only English.

a) understand; b) doesn’t understand; c) doesn’t know; d) knows.

4. Liz is very good at tennis. She ____ every game.

a) gets; b) won; c) wins; d) is;

5. Winter is warm here. It ____ very seldom. But sometimes it ____.

a) rain, snows; b) snows, rains; c) snow, rain; d) rains, snow .

6. Helen is on a diet. She _____ very little.

a) doesn’t eat; b) eats; c) ate; d) don’t eat.

7. The exams at school ______ in June.

a) have; b) start; c) starts; d) are.

8. Linda and I ____ for a company, which ____ cars.

a) works, produces; c) work, produce;
b) work, produces; d) works, produce.

9. I sometimes ____ my friend translate letters, as I ____ French rather well.

a) help, don’t know; c) help, knew;
b) don’t help, know; d) help, know.

10. Helen often ____ meetings for her boss and other managers of the company.

a) don’t arrange; b) arrange; c) arranges; d) doesn’t arranges.

11. ___ Linda ____ to the office at nine?

a) do, come; b) does, come; c) does comes; d) do, comes.

12. The secretary ____ the phone calls, sometimes she ____visitors around the factory.

a) answer, show; c) answers, shows;
b) don’t answer, shows; d) doesn’t answers, shows.

13. She ____ her job. She ____ to be a secretary.

a) isn’t like, wants; c) don’t like, want;
b) doesn’t like, wants; d) doesn’t likes, wants.

14. Nelly ______ TV three times a week.

a) likes; b) don’t watch; c) watches; d) watch.

15. ____ you ____ where your brother ____ ?

a) Do ... know, is; c) Are ... know, is;
b) Do ... know, was; d) Does … know, is.

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