Ways to grow old and to stay young
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· Exercise keeps you young.

  • Eat for health.
  • Limit alcoholic drinks.
  • Smoking ages you prematurely.
  • Catch illness early when it can be treated.
  • Deal with stress.
  • Think young and keep you mind active.

Vocabulary Practice

w Verbs play, go and do

We use different verbs with different types of sports.

to play basketball/football/volleyball

to go jogging/skiing/swimming

to do karate/gymnastics/athletics

Play is often used with sports that are team games, or where we play with another person.

Go is often used for things done outside, and which we can do alone, especially for enjoyment and not in order to compete against people. These sports often end in –ing.

4. Work in pairs. Complete these collocations lists with either do, go or play.

a) _____  cycling             wrestling
            riding             karate
            swimming             judo
            skiing c) _____  tennis
            jogging             volleyball
b) _____ athletics              basketball
            gymnastics             football

5. Express the following in one word.


health,   involve,  ability,  illness,   influence,  alert,  heredity,  nutrition,   premature  


1 to have an effect on

2 have as a part or result

3 condition of the body or the mind

4 the passing on of qualities from parent to child in the cells of the body

5 the action or state of being provided with food

6 unhealthy state of the body

7 capacity or power (to do something physical or mental)

8 before the right or usual time

9 fully awake and ready to act

6. Match the words and collocations of similar meaning.

1 improve                                                                  a   influence  
2 affect                b disease
3 withstand c make better
4 continue                       d nutrition
5 allow  e resist
6 eating f enable
7 illness     g carry on

7. Match the words to their opposites.

1   healthy                                                                  a   stop
2 continue b sleepy
3 withstand c inability
4 ability                     d ill         
5 alert                   e give in/capitulate

8. Match the words to make phrases.

1 to improve  a fit  
2 to keep b illness    
3  to treat                      c with stress
4   to deal d health

9. Fill in the correct word from the list below. Some words may be used more than once.

fit, unfit, shape, nutrition, illness
  1. A serious ... has prevented him from working for a year.
  2. She keeps ... by jogging five miles every day.
  3. The magazine contained several articles about natural beauty, healthy ..., fitness and exercise.
  4. I realized how ... I was when I tried to run up the stairs.
  5. Carrie likes to keep in good ... and spends hours at the gym.



10. Act out the following dialogue.

Going to the gym

Tiffany : Ed, what should we do today?
Ed : I have been studying all week. I’d like to exercise.
Tiffany : Me too. Let’s go to the gym.                   
Ed : Good idea. What are we going to do there?                   
Tiffany : We can lift weights or play basketball.
Ed : I like to play basketball. Are you good at it?                  
Tiffany : Not really, but I like to play. I used to play a lot when I was in school, but now there’s no time.                
Ed : I know what you mean. I used to play soccer a lot. Do you think we can play soccer there?
Tiffany : No, there’s not enough room. I think it’s better if we play outside.      
Ed : OK, maybe we can go play soccer later this afternoon.
Tiffany : It’s too cold outside today. Let’s wait until the weather gets a little warmer.       
Ed : OK.


11. Read these comments and underline the benefits of exercise. Use words from the list and prepare your own short talk on the benefits of exercise, then write a paragraph. You can include your own ideas .

since, also, what is more, in addition, moreover, finally


A “Exercising makes me feel happy and refreshed, as it frees me from tension and stress”.

B “Since I started going to the gym I’ve found that I am able to concentrate more easily. It has also improved my mental performance, and now I have fewer problems with my studies”.

C “I’ve become healthier since I joined the sports club and I’ve noticed that I hardly ever get ill anymore”.

D “I have started skiing every evening and now I feel full of energy all of the time”.

E “I find that walking is the best way to keep fit and healthy. It doesn’t tire me out, and it makes me feel alive and alert”.


12. Think it over and answer the questions.

· Would you agree that people of the 21st century are be­coming “a legless generation”? People practically have stopped walking, going on foot, haven’t they? Nowadays people spend more time glued to the telly or sitting in cars behind steering wheels, don’t they?

  • Would you call this way of living healthy?
  • Can sport help to keep people fit?

· Do you go in for any kind of sport? Does it help you in any way?


13. Discuss what one should or shouldn’t do if he wants to keep healthy and fit.

The following are some key words and expressions used in asking for and giving opinions.

Questions used to get opinions: Expressions for giving opinions:
What do you think? What’s your opinion? What do you think of / about …? If you ask me, … As I see it, … I think/believe/feel… In my opinion, … I personally believe/think/feel that … Personally, I believe/think/feel that … I’m sure (that) … I have an idea that ...


14. Think over and expand on the following. Make sure you use the expressions you’ve learned in Lesson 5.

· Health of body and mind is a great blessing.

· When a man loses his health, then he first begins to take good care of it.



15. Make up your own Healthy Living Guide. Share your ideas with the rest of the class.

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