Raising objections or difficulties
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It’s all very well to say..., but...

Yes, but look /Bill/, that would mean...

Yes, but on the other hand...


24. Work in pairs. Take turns to make a suggestion and to refuse it or raise an objection.

1. A : You are thinking of spending a week down in the country.

B : It’s cold there at this time of the year.

2. A : You suggest going to the South and spending two weeks on the beach.

B : You like the idea, but you are sure the beach will be overcrowded.

3. A : You are looking forward to a camping holiday.

B : You can’t bear the discomforts of living in a tent.


25. Work with a partner. Take it in turns to express your doubt or disappointment in the following actions by using “I (don’t) feel like”, “It’s no use (what’s the use of)”, “Is it worth while”, give your reasons.

1) dieting, 2) doing physical exercising, 3) keeping away from late suppers, 4) eating vegetables, 5) giving up chocolates, 6) overeating, 7) jogging, 8) not eating sweets.



26. Work with a partner. Act out the following dialogue.


I went shopping


Tom : Sarah, what did you do today?
Sarah : I went shopping.  
Tom : Did you buy anything?
Sarah : Yes, I bought a few things.
Tom : What did you buy?
Sarah : I bought this coat. Do you like it?
Tom : Yeah, I like it a lot. It’s very pretty. Where did you buy it?
Sarah : At the mall on 5th street.
Tom : Was it expensive?
Sarah : No, it wasn’t expensive. It was on sale for 20 dollars.
Tom : That’s cheap.        
Sarah : I know. It was a really good deal.
Tom : I don’t think you’ll need to wear it for a while. It’s been really hot lately.

27. Tell your partner or classmates what you did yesterday. Remember to use past tense.


Yesterday, I went to the mall.

I bought some shorts and a baseball cap.

I spent almost $20.

28. Ask your partner what he/she did last weekend. Respond with related questions.


— What did you do last Saturday?

— I stayed at home and cleaned my room.

— Did you do anything fun?

— Not really.

29. Speak about some day when all went wrong from the very start.

You overslept. In the bus you found out that you had left your purse at home. You were late for a very important meeting. The bus moving at a very high speed spoilt your clothes. When you began to warm your dinner you burnt it.

Talking about the future


Weekend/ Leisure Activities

30. Tell your partner or groupmates what you are going to do this weekend.

Pattern: I am going to . . .

  • watch a movie
  • go to a ball game
  • see a concert
  • surf the Internet
  • work out   
  • visit friends
  • stay home
  • relax
  • sleep in
  • play computer games
  • go out to eat
  • go dancing
  • go downtown
  • have a party
  • go to the beach
  • go on a picnic



I’m going to play football with my buddies.

I’m gonna eat dinner at a fancy restaurant.

31. Work in pairs or small groups. Discuss the following questions. Sum up your partner’s answers.

1. How long does your weekend last? You always look forward to it, don’t you? Where do you and your family normally spend the weekends? Do you spend your weekends quietly at home or do you prefer to go away for the weekend? Do you think people who stay at home at the weekend manage to relax?

2. How often do you go out? Do you go out on weekdays as often as at the weekend? What is your idea of going out? Why do you prefer to go to parties (to the movies, etc.)?

3. Do you manage to relax at the weekend? Your weekends are very busy sometimes, aren’t they? Do you try to help your family with the housework at the weekend? What odd jobs do you do about the house? Do you manage to catch up with all the jobs you were too busy to do during the week? Do you at least try?

4. Who does the shopping in your family? How often do you go shopping? What is the busiest time for shopping? Do you prefer to go shopping on weekdays or at the weekend? Which do you think is the most convenient time for shopping?

5. Imagine that you’ve got a lot of money. What sort of thing would you like to buy or where would you like to go?

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