I. Paraphrase the following sentences using the words and expressions from the previous text
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1. You should always (arrive on time) at the interview.

2. Don’t be (worried) at the interview; surely you can cope with stress.

3. (People who give you work) want to hire those having good and bright ideas.

4. Big multinational companies pay attention to (the way you look).

5. Don’t be afraid to (give your own point of view) on some facts.

6. Showing confidence will help you to (get a good attitude) of the interviewer.

7. If you don’t follow this advice, you will (not win the interview).

II. Discuss the following statements with your group mates. Which of the statements in each pair do you think gives the best advice?

Statement 1. 

a) You should always wear your best clothes when you go for an interview.

b) Employers nowadays don’t mind what you wear as long as you don’t look a punk.

Statement 2.

a) You should never smoke during an interview.

b) It’s all right to smoke provided that you ask permission first.

Statement 3.

a) There is nothing you can do to stop being nervous-it’s quite normal.

b) If you appear nervous in front of the interviewers, they are more likely to give the job to someone else.

Statement 4.

a) It’s a good idea to agree with an interviewer.

b) If you disagree with the interviewer. She/he will be impressed that you have got your own ideas.

Statement 5.

a)You should find out as much about the job as possible before you go.

b) You will be told about the job when you go for an interview.

Active Vocabulary

I. There are many proverbs to do with work. Match A and B columns to form an English proverb.

a) A bad workman… b) If a job is worth doing… c) Make hay…. d) Many hands…. e) Too many cooks…. f) Early to bed and early to rise…. g) Never put off till tomorrow…. h) The devil makes work…. i) All work and no play…. j) The early bird…………. a) while the sun shines b) make light work c) what you can do today d) for idle hands e) makes you healthy, wealthy and wise f) blames his tools g) it’s worth doing well h) catches the worm i) spoil the broth j) makes Jack a dull boy.  

II. What do the proverbs mean? Do you have any similar expressions in your language?

III. Make up at least three situations suitable for any of the proverbs.


I. Complete the interview:


A: I graduated from college in September 2005.

· Q:___________________________________________________________

A: Yes, I have had some work experience. I worked for four months with Brown and Co. in their Finance Department.

· Q:___________________________________________________________

A: I have heard a lot about your company and feel that I could learn a lot if I worked there.

· Q:___________________________________________________________

A: I enjoy working with people. In my last position, I worked on a project with four young people and we shared our responsibilities well.

· Q:___________________________________________________________

A: I would like to gain some experience and then go on to do an MBA.

· Q:___________________________________________________________

A: I speak Spanish and a little French. I am also quite competent with Microsoft Office and I plan to take some special courses for finance.

· Q:___________________________________________________________

A: Well, I have been told that I am quite fussy about details, but I think it is very important to be accurate, especially in matters of accounting and finance.

II. In pairs, discuss the interviewee’s answers and make suggestions with regard how, if at all, they could be improved.

III. Having made any relevant changes, practice the interview in pairs.


Listen to three excerpts from three interviews and then discuss the following questions in pairs.

· How well prepared is each interviewee for his/her interview?

· How would you describe the emotional state of each interviewee?

· What comments would you make about the quality of the interviewer’s questions?

· What comments would you make about the tone and formality of the interviews?

Choose one of the interviewees who did not perform well. Give this person some advice on how to handle interviews.


II. The Career Fantasy

Imagine that you have just won a major contest, the right to spend an entire day with someone who has a job that you would love to do—your ideal job. You may spend your day with that person anywhere in the world.

During your day, you will be able to work with your “ideal person” at his or her job. Close your eyes for a minute, breathe deeply, and put yourself in this environment. As you breathe deeply, hold this image in your mind.

Spend about 10 minutes experiencing this vision, fantasizing about it, mentally living it. Then, answer the questions below. Do not talk to anyone until your instructor has told you to do so.


1. Whom would I most like to meet and why? What kind of job does he or she have?

2. What would I enjoy most about doing this type of job?

3. What is there about this type of work that I might not enjoy?

4. What special training would I need to do this job?

5. Could I really get a job like this? Why or why not?

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