II. Look at the list of jobs below and choose the one you would most like to do and the one you would least like to do
Поможем в ✍️ написании учебной работы
Поможем с курсовой, контрольной, дипломной, рефератом, отчетом по практике, научно-исследовательской и любой другой работой
nurse disc jockey head of a big company
journalist pilot tourist guide
shop assistant farmer taxi driver
manufacturer sculptor interpreter
policeman manager air steward
teacher car mechanic engineer
cook secretary doctor


Read the sentences below. Fill in «Do» or «Don’t» to make useful advice for a job-hunter. Explain your reasons.

DOs and Don’ts For Job Seekers

… stress your qualification for the job opening

… mention any experience you have which is relevant to the job

… talk and think as far as possible about the future rather than the past.

... escape testing.

... arrive a little late.

... behave as a «know it all».

... write incorrect information about yourself to look better.

... approach the employer with respectful dignity.

… indicate where possible your stability, attendance record and good safety experience

… assume an air of confidence

… be one of those who can do everything

… hedge in answering questions

… hang around, prolonging interview, when it should be over

… arrive late and breathless for an interview

… isolate yourself from contacts that might help you find a job

… make claims if you cannot “deliver” on the job

… try to be optimistic in your attitude

… try to overcome nervousness and shortness of breath

… learn ahead of time about the company and its product

… apply for a job in person

… answer questions honestly

… have a good resume

… know the importance of getting along with people

… recognize your limitations

… make plenty of applications

… indicate your flexibility and readiness to learn

… keep stressing your need for a job

… discuss past experience which has no application to the job situation

… apologize for your age

… be untidy in appearance

… beg for consideration

… mumble or speak with a muffled voice

… write incorrect information on your CV to make it look better

... pay little attention to your own appearance.

... show yourself as one who can do everything.

... speak in a low voice.

... think a lot before answering a question.

Reading comprehension

I. In the text find the English equivalents to the following words and word combinations. Explain the following words in English. Make up your own sentences with these words.

относящийся к работе, всезнайка, работодатель, опаздывать, преодолеть нервозность, узнать заранее, честно отвечать на вопросы, гибкость, извиниться, мямлить, опыт, внешность

II. Make your own advice for job hunters. Use the following expressions:

It is always a good idea to … because… A lot of people … but don’t because
It’s usually appreciated if you avoid …(-ing), because … On the whole, people don’t … because …
One thing you should never do is … because …           People tend to / tend not to … because …


Lexical exercises

I. Match up the expressions.

1) I’ve got a good a) promotion
2) I get six weeks paid b) well-paid
3) To earn more I often work c) part-time
4) I have to work long d) holiday
5) Every year, I get a pay e) insurance
6) Now I have children, I work f) salary
7) Next year, I’ll probably get a g) rise
8) This job isn’t very h) hours
9) We get very good health i) overtime
10) He gets a company j) car

II. Complete the sentences using the expressions from the previous.

1 This year the company wants to cut costs so nobody is getting a…

1. One of the benefits of a job is a…………but I do travel a lot.

2. I usually take three weeks…….in the summer and a couple in the winter.

3. We work in the sector where everyone works……but gets paid very well.

4. He has a very demanding job but he gets paid a…..

5. I’ve applied for a……..I want to become a manager.

6. Supermarkets employ a lot of women who want to work…..

7. In general it’s an unskilled sector which isn’t very…

8. When we are busy, I often choose to work……and then take time off later.

Lesson 2. Filling out Forms


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