In pairs, share and compare your opinions and give your reasons. Use the language in the chart to help you
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Example: In my opinion, a person who works in finance should be precise because making mistakes could cost a company a lot of money.

giving an opinion I think / in my view / in my opinion / I believe
giving a reason because, as, consequently, therefore, as a result


1. In pairs, combine words from box A with phases from box B to form appropriate collocations. Some verbs and phrases may be used more than once.

A make        proofread       short-list       submit       apply for fill out             follow            leave           list
B a section blank   the same steps    your abilities and skills    candidates a job       the application form      your application    decisions instructions                                     your most recent jobs

Read and complete the text with the right words.


When you (1) ___________ for a job, you are usually asked to (2) ___________ an application form as well as your resume and a cover letter. Companies like to have standardized forms containing information about candidates. This makes comparison simpler and also makes it easier for a company to (3) ___________ the candidates for interview. It is very important that you (4) ___________ all your abilities and skills in the spaces provided. Remember, this is the employer’s first impression of you, so it is very important that you (5) ___________ the form accurately. Read the form very carefully and answer each question honestly. Show employers that you are able to (6) ___________ instructions. Answer all questions as precisely as you can. Do not (7) ___________ any sections blank. If a question does not (8) ___________ to you, simply write “not applicable”. Proofread your application before you turn it in.

From “English for Business”

Reading Comprehension

I. Find English equivalents of the following words and word combinations. Use them in the sentences of your own.

подать заявление о приеме на работу, заполнить анкету, стандартная форма, произвести выборку кандидатов, перечислите все способности и навыки, заполнить форму, следовать инструкциям, не оставлять пробелов, перепроверять.

II. Complete the notes with key information from the text.

why employers prefer to see job application forms:________________________________

how to fill out the form:______________________________________________________

III. Read and complete the sentences with up or in.

  1. A colleague called in sick today and so the manager asked me to fill ___________ for him.
  2. A lecture was boring and not very useful, so he filled ___________ the time sending messages.
  3. When Mary returned from work, I filled her ___________ on what had happened while she had been away.
  4. The conference room filled ___________ very quickly, and at exactly 10 o’clock, the CEO walked in.
  5. When my boss returns, I will have to  fill__________ him

IV. Match the phrasal verbs from the previous exercise with the correct meanings.

1. to fill in____________________   a. to spend or use up (especially surplus time)

2. to fill someone in ___________      b. to take someone’s place temporarily

3. to fill up (no object) ___________ c. to make or become completely full

4. to fill up (with object) _________  d. to supply someone with recent information


Listen to Martha and John talking about their strengths and weaknesses. Complete the following table with the information you hear.

Strengths Weaknesses

In pairs, discuss what you see as your strengths and weaknesses and talk about how you could present any weaknesses in a more positive light.

Lesson 3. Preparing Your Resume

Warm Up

I. Comment upon the quotation: Writing without thinking is like shooting without aiming. (Arnold Glasgow)

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