B ) прилагательными, c ) герундием, d ) причастиями.

Обратите внимание, что многие устойчивые сочетания (существительное с предлогом), а также одиночные прилагательные и причастия на «ed », после которых нет   группы слов с предлогом, при переводе обычно ставятся перед определяемым существительным.

Примеры:  а) The event under considerationрассматриваемое событие.

b)  The shift possible is used … - возможный сдвиг используется … .

c)  The way of developing materialsспособ разработки материалов .

d*) The reliability concerning the device points … - надёжность, касающаяся    


d**) The technique being developed is of great importance –разрабатываемая технология имеет большое значение/технология, которая разрабатывается, имеет большое значение).

d***)  The dimension required – затребованный (требуемый) размер.

d****) The delay associated with the interconnection is dependent on two parameters – задержка , связанная с соединением , зависит от двух параметров .


Прочтите и переведите следующие словосочетания и предложения, учитывая особенности перевода существительных с правыми определениями:

a network operator in charge…, the chip under development provides… , the problem in point…, difficulty of manufacturing switching systems…, the instrument available can provide … , benefit resulting from microelectronic…, a computer network covering a local area…, an educational laptop being produced…, a wafer of silicon spoken about is heated…, software delivered as a service....

1.  There are about three million computers in use in the world now.

2. The concept of cloud computing under consideration is far from new.

3. Telecoms companies under discussion made most of their profits from voice calls.

4. From the information available, the technology under consideration demands substantial design efforts.

5. There will not be fibre available to the customers` premises for at least two years.

6. This method of recording, editing and distributing audio, video and sound files served as an efficient means of organizing the project.


B )

1.  There are dominant factors limiting device performance.

2. So there are redundant connections and services coming into the country.

3. Processors using the K5 architecture are fully compatible with software applications for         Windows.

4.  A RAM module holding 40 components was described at the Electronic Components


5. Open source software being used is becoming more and more popular.

6. The signal being transmitted varies continuously, both in frequencies and in amplitude *.

7. The device used was mechanically strong.

8. Circuits developed consisted of two layers.

9. Pedro, would you mind explaining the workstreams involved?

10. The explanation offered was rather* uncertain.

11. The most common device used for input on microcomputers is the keyboard.

12. Circuits developed in the new project had tow layers.

13. Time delays associated with interconnection made of different materials have been    considered.

14. The «mouse» developed by the Logitech firm and known as Mouseman has an asymmetrical form for the right or left hand.

15. Data recorded in the form of magnetized dots can be arranged to represent coded patterns of bits.

16. More murky sources include phishing software planted by computer hackers.


2.1.    Инфинитив в функции определения в пассивной форме.

Такой инфинитив обычно имеет модальный оттенок необходимости или значение будущего времени и переводится на русский язык придаточным определительным предложением, начинающимся словом «который», причем в состав сказуемого вводятся слова «нужно», «необходимо», «следует» или же глагол-сказуемое ставится в будущем времени.

Пример: The information to be stored is taken from the journal – информация, которую нужно сохранить (которая будет сохранена),  взята из газеты.

Примечание: В литературе встречается инфинитив в функции определения в форме действительного залога. В этом случае он также переводится определительным придаточным предложением, но без добавления слов «нужно», «необходимо», «следует».

Пример: Equipment to operate under water has been designed …. – оборудование, которое работает под водой, было сконструировано …. .

Прочтите и переведите следующие словосочетания и предложения:

reliability to be achieved, the components to be fabricated, a wireless network to be established, a software to be manufactured, the concept to be referred to in the paper … , a map of the local area to be displayed on the device screen… , some dirty or unclean data to be removed.

1. The convergence of technologies is the problem to be studied in the next twenty years.

2. The cloud and cloud computing are new terms to be explained.

3. The alternative method to be considered is contactless payment.

4. Another factor to be taken into consideration is the cost of high-quality GPS (Global Positioning System).

5. Different kinds of parallel processing software may permit synchronization to be achieved.

6. Polysilicon to be used meets all of the requirements addressed above.

7. Also, the programs to be verified will have to be well constructed, to make the job easier.

8. A problem to be solved by a digital computer must be expressed in mathematical terms that the computer can work with.

9. Because of their ability to remove any dirty or unclean data this software is in operation.

10. The quality of speech signals to be transmitted may. degrade.

    11. The primary factors to be considered are signals power and noise power.

    12. The computer to be made will have a cycle time (время выполнения одной операции ) of two    nanoseconds.



2.2.   Инфинитив в функции определения после слов the first , the last переводится определительным предложением, вводимым славами который или кто, время глагола-сказуемого этого предложения от формы времени глагола в главном предложении.

Пример : Dr. Brown was among the first researchers to test the new software on aphasics-

доктор Браун был среди первых исследователей, кто испытал новую программу на больных афазией.

Прочтите и переведите следующие предложения:

1. Telecoms companies were among the first to give their customers facilities such

as internet access or mobile telephony.

2. A Blackberry (a type of hand-held device) was the last to be mentioned.

3. The Barclaycard was the first business contactless payment system to be launched in


4. The operating system is the first program to be processed after the computer is turned on.

5. The first to achieve a chain reaction were the Jolio –Curies.

6. Giles Sequeira, 40, a property developer from London, is one of the first people to test the

new privacy marketplace.


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