For each of the questions below, choose the best answer

1.          Daniel's dad was sitting outside in the porch all by ______, probably thinking about his wife.


              (A) himself

                   (B)  yourselves

              (C) ourselves

              (D) itself


2.          "I can't believe it. You traveled to your mother's workplace all by _______ to find her ?" the policewoman asked the 6-year-old girl.


              (A) myself

                   (B)  herself

              (C) ourselves

              (D) yourself


3.          The twins usually keep to ______, refusing to mingle with their classmates.


              (A) ourselves

              (B)  themselves

              (C) herself

              (D) himself


4.          The orphan taught ______how to shoplift and beg because he had no one to turn to.


              (A) yourselves

              (B)  himself

              (C) yourself

              (D) itself


5.          "You hang on to the money. I don't trust ______ with it," said Uncle Tay who has a problem with gambling.


              (A) themselves

              (B)  yourself

              (C) himself

              (D) myself

Choose the countable or uncoutable nouns to complete the following sentences

1.    I must buy _______ for breakfast.

A.   some bread

B.   a bread

2.    She gave me some good _______.

A.   advices

B.   advice

3.    It's very difficult to find a ______ at the moment.

A.   job

B.   work

4.    I want to write some letters. I need _______.

A.   a writing paper

B.   some writing paper

5.    When the fire started, there was _______.

A.   a complete chaos

                        complete chaos

Paraphrase the following words in bold type using little, a little, few, a few.

Example: There is hardly any wine in the bottle. — There is little wine in the bottle. The chairman said some words. — The chairman said a few words.

   1. I can't help you. I have hardly any time.

   2. Mr. Brown, can I come and see you today? I'd like to ask you some questions.

  3. It is no use asking him about it. He has hardly any knowledge of the subject.

  4. I go to the theatre when I have some money and free time.

Many years ago some people realized the significance of this discovery.

There was hardly any doubt that the problem could be solved in the near future.

We didn't have to take a porter. We had hardly any luggage.

I think he is rather greedy. He buys hardly any things for himself.

10. We have received some valuable information. I think it will help us a lot.

Choose the right word.

1. I don't like horror films. I think they are (frightening/frightened) and (boring/bored). 2. Don't look so (surprising/surprised). Of course, it war a (surprising/surprised) decision but we had no other out. 3. It was a (tiring/tired) journey. I wish I hadn't it. I feel completely (exhausting/exhausted) after. 4. The football match was (disappointing/disappointed). Our team lost the game and we left the stadium quite (disappointing/disappointed). 5. He can't remember his pupils' names. It seemed funny at first, but now it is rather (embarrassing/embarrassed).

Match the adjectives on the left with their definitions on the right.

1)    further      a)    after some time

2)    farther      b)   the second of two

              things or persons already mentioned

3)    last c)    the smallest

4)    latter d)   coming immediately

              after, in space or in order

Elder e)    additional

Nearer f) at a greater distance

Next g)    least good

Least h) coming after all others

              in time or order

Later       i) senior of members of

              the family

Worst   j)    closer

Choose the right variant

 Martin was the (more talented/most talented) of the two brothers. 2. Of the three shirts I like the blue one (better/best). 3. My dog is the (prettier/prettiest) of the two. 4. This summary is the (better/best) of the two presented. 5. There are nine planets in our solar system and Pluto is the (farther/farthest).

Translate into English .

Чем больше он говорит, тем меньше его слушают.

Чем длиннее ночь, тем короче день.

Чем скорее вы придитесь за работу, тем быстрее вы ее закончите.

Чем больше вы будете находиться на свежем воздухе, тем лучше вы будете себя чувствовать.

Чем меньше женщину мы любим, тем больше нравимся мы ей.

6. Чем внимательнее вы будете делать домашнее задание, тем меньше ошибок вы сделаете.

Supply the correct form for the verbs in brackets.

You (get up) when the alarm-clock (ring).

My friend (like) apples very much but I (prefer) pears.

3. She (have) a nice house in the country where we (spend) every summer.

In spring nature (return) to life.

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