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Individual\Group task

Choose a company in your city and make a SWOT analysis of it for the rest of your group mates.

Lesson 5. Project-Presentation

I. Choose one company in the market of your country and give presentation of its structure to your colleagues. Define your business structure in the executive summary. Your organizational summary should include an organizational chart, showing each person in the organization. In the narrative you detail the responsibilities of each person. You should include:

• Names of the owners

• Percentage of ownership

• Extent of involvement in the company

List all the other employees of the company, the positions they hold and their responsibility. If you have multiple locations, show the structure. Where is the corporate office located?

II. Create your own company. You are going to develop a business plan. The business plan must be well organized, be easy to read, and follow a logical format. The sample format for a business plan has seven parts:

· Company Description

Pick a name that describes your business and consumers will remember. Explain the type of company and give its history. Tell what industry the company will represent. (Is it a manufacturing, retail, service, or other type of business?) Decide a location and city.

· Marketing Plan

Show who the potential customers are and what kind of competition the business will face. (Who is the target market? The target market is based upon age, gender, income, and location, just to name a few. Investigate competitors in your chosen area; try the yellow pages of and search the product or service.)

Outline the marketing strategy and specify what makes the company unique. (How will you advertise your product or service? How do your competitors advertise?)

· Products and Services Plan

Describe the product and/or service. (Describe the product in detail, such as the color(s), size, etc. Describe the type of service.)

Point out any unique features. (Is the product or service new or improved?)

Explain why people will buy the product or service. (For example, the motivation to buy is based on personal gain, economy, health, comfort and convenience, safety and protection, affection and love, prestige and recognition, and variety and recreation?)

· Legal Plan

Show the proposed type of legal organization the ownership will take.  (Will the company be a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation?)

· Management Plan

Identify the key people who will direct and manage the company. (Will you choose your family or friends? Will you do the hiring yourself?)

Cite their work experience, education, and special skills. (What are the strengths of your workers? Remember to consider communication skills.)

III. Do you think people from certain cultures would favour one kind of organizational structure over another? Choose a country and analyze its companies.


Learn how to describe manager’s image and responsibilities, study classifications of management styles and types of leadership power, compare men and women manager’s character, learn management styles in different countries and famous businesses, and develop leader features.

Lesson 1. Manager’s role

Warm up

I. “Managers have to learn how to be teachers, counselors and friends …”

Charles Handy (Management specialist)

Do you agree with Handy’s view?

II. Express your point of view about on following issues:

1) What is the main role of managers in your country?

2) How much control should employees have over their own work?

3) How much should the manager control what the employee does?

4) What is management style?


Which of these responsibilities do you think a company should have? Give points to each and explain your opinion.                                                  3 = very important

                                                                                                  2 = quite important

                                                                                               1 = not important


  • There should be good communication between the company and its workforce.
  • The company should pay suppliers on time.
  • The companies should have an equal opportunities policy; in other words, people of all races and both sexes should be equal.
  • It should train its employees.
  • It should try to protect and improve the environment.
  • It should make a profit so it can pay dividends to its shareholders and continue to provide jobs for its workforce.
  • It should help the local education of young people.
  • It should be active in the local community.

Active vocabulary

Management styles can be employed dependent on the culture of the business, the nature of the task, the nature of the workforce and the personality and skills of the leaders.


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