Use these word combinations to complete the dialogue. Then compose similar dialogue in pairs about your working place and company or the post and the structure you would like to work for
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 two main divisions           on the publishing side        in the pipeline

about 500 people              directly under              fairly diversified (многоотраслевой )

Frank: So how do you like you new firm, Jean?

Jean: Great. It’s a ….. company called Selmar.

Frank: I see. What kind of company is it?

Jean: It’s part of a group. There are ….. – paper production and publishing.

Frank: That sounds interesting. Which area are you in?

Jean: I’m …. – in charge of book distribution in France and Belgium.

Frank: It’s a big operation, I suppose.

Jean: You’re right. There are …. in publishing. I’ve got 25 people …. me.

Frank: And what about the future?

Jean: Oh, there are big expansion plans … We’re moving into North America next  year. And after that, who knows?

C. Company history


I. Read the text about the French company, Bic. Can you name three of Bic’s products?

Bic’s Success in a Throwaway

Bic is a household name, synonymous with a disposable age*

Few companies can say that they are responsible for changing the everyday habits of billions of people throughout the world, but the French company Bic, founded in 1950, is one that can.

The ballpoint pen came first. The original biros – named after Lazlo Biro, their Hungarian inventor – were expensive and difficult to use. Baron Marcel Bich, the owner of a small office supplies company, brought together French and British scientists to refine* and modify* the design. He negotiated the rights to produce and sell the pen with Biro. Production of the Bic “Crystal” began in 1953. The “Crystal” had a clear blue plastic tube and a visible ink supply which was sufficient to draw a line three kilometers long.

Sales rose from around 50,000 a week in the first year to a quarter of a million a day by 1956. Today sales of Bic writing instruments total more than 20 million a day in 160 countries.

Bich was not content with a one-product business and wanted to find other throwaway ideas. In 1972 came the disposable lighter. It is another success story which made Bic world leaders in the sector, with daily sales of disposable lighters now numbering almost 4 million.

Bic’s winning formula was a combination of simplicity of production and reliability; the company claims that its lighters will work 3,000 times compared with competing brands’ 1,000.

The company used healthy profits to invest in its third major product range – the  throwaway razor – in 1975. It now contests market leadership with Gillette.* Bic subsequently diversified further – into windsurfing boards and fashion – but the three original throwaway ideas remain its success stories.     

From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

  • synonymous with a disposable age: [Bic] represents our fast-moving world
  • to refine: improve
  • to modify: make small changes
  • Gillette: major manufacturer of razors and toiletries.

II. Read the text again and complete this company history.

1950 The company was founded.

1950-53 Laslo Biro invented the first pen.

              Marcel Bich ____ and _____ the design. Bich negotiated with Biro to ______.

1953 Production of the ______ began.

1956 Sales of the biro rose to ______ .

1972 Bic invented ______.

1975 Bic invented _______.

Now     Bic sells _______ ballpoint pens per day.

              Bic sells _______ disposable lighters per day.

              Bic and _______ are leaders in the market for disposable razors.

III. What are the advantages of disposable or "throwaway" products?

IV. Sequence words

First first of all firstly  
Second secondly    
Then after that afterwards next
Lastly finally now/today  


Bic is well-known for its disposable products. First of all, Bic produced the throwaway pen, the biro. Then came the disposable lighter. Next they invented the throwaway razor and after that the windsurfing board. Today the company focuses on producing razors, biros and lighters. There were three key inventions in the company’s history: firstly, the ballpoint pen, secondly the disposable lighter and lastly the throwaway razor.

V. Write a short summary of the history of the company.


Choose a company and present its history: type of product\service, the inventor(s), historical dates, current situation and future perspectives.

D. Company Culture

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