Deposit account, certificates of deposit

Mr. Williams (W), the Chairman, J. and V. Corporation, the USA; Mr. Barkins (B), the Manager of the bank.

B: You've got several possibilities, then. First, a current account which pays a small interest of 2%.

 W: That's very little.

B: Yes, of course. You have a second possibility, which is a deposit account. This pays 4%, less tax. This also entitles you to a cheque-book. You can withdraw up to 10,000 dollars a month. Larger sums need a 3 months' notice.

 W: Can I deposit any sum?

B: Yes, there's no limit. What I suggest is that you open a deposit account with enough in it to cover your immediate needs. As to the rest we can ask our investment department to make you a proposal.

W: That's interesting. I'll need 20,000 to 25,000 dollars at short notice. I'd like to invest 40,000 dollars in a long-term investment and I'd like to have the remaining 40,000 dollars available at, say, 4 to 5 years' notice.

B: In that case, we can offer you our certificates of deposit at 3, 4 or 5 years.

 W: Very good.

В: The interest is higher than on a deposit account. They pay 8%.

  • high-term interest savings accounts become more attractive.
  • After 70, annuities are possible.
  • Wills should reviewed regularly, at any age.

Thus, savings are popular with young and old, lendings and savings with those between the ages of 20 and 70.


This is a telephone call from a client, Mr. Evans (E) to Mr. Kurgings (K) of transfers of the bank.

K: Transfers Department.

E: Good morning. This is Henry Evans.

K: Good morning, Mr. Evans.

E: I'm a client of the bank. My account number is 252.332.

K: Yes, sir.

E: I've just received a debit advice of 15th March.

K: Yes. For what amount?

E: 2,000 dollars. I asked you to transfer this sum to my wife in New York. She has just telephoned me. She's furious. Apparently, they haven't received the transfer. This puts me in a nasty situation.

K: Could you give me your wife's address?

E: Yes. 25 East 32nd Street.

K: And her account number is . . .?

E: 284.227

К: I'm going to look into the matter, and I'll call you back. Could I have your number, please?

E: 845. 897. (Another telephone call an hour later.)

K: This is Kurgings from the bank.

E: Oh, good afternoon, Mr. Kurgings. Have you managed to clear up my case?

K: Yes. It's really quite simple. On your order you have made a mistake in the account number of your wife. Instead of 284.272, you put 284.227. I've already put things right at the bank. Thank you, sir. Good-bye.

E: Thank you. Good-bye.


1. Ваш кот очень грязный. Вы его чистили прежде?

2. Я не хочу заводить дружбу с эти кичливым человеком.

3. Он будет здесь с минуты на минуту.

4. Он уже написал книгу о блокаде Ленинграда.

5. Счета были оплачены в понедельник?

6. И когда я наведаюсь снова, я надеюсь что, по крайней мере, ваш английский усовершенствуется.

7. Он не умел водить машину в прошлом году.

8. Она смотрела телевизор, в то время как он готовил еду.

9. Малыш спит в данный момент.

10. Я буду мыть всю эту посуду завтра.



Education in the USA

Mr. Jones, an American businessman, invited a group of Russian specialists to his house. The conversation turned to the education of children.

Р .: Do your children go to school?

Jones: My son is in his freshman year at a technical college, and my daughter goes to junior high school.

Р .: Junior high? What s that?

Jones: Well, in most schools in the USA today, the twelve grades of school are divided into six years of elementary training, three years of junior high school and the last three, senior high school.

Р .: Now I understand. Is education compulsory in the USA?

Jones: Yes. All states require every boy and girl to go to school starting with the age of 6.

Р .: What about higher education? Is it expensive?

Jones: Rather. Many students receive financial support from parents or relatives.

Р .: Can the students go to the University free of charge?

Jones: Everyone must pay a tuition fee. The amount varies from state to state. This creates a financial hard-ship for some people. However, each university offers a number of scholarships to deserving students.

Р .: Are scholarship given only by universities?

Jones: Not really. Scholarships come from different sources: private companies, state authorities, US Army, different funds and churches. Some people can even get their scholarships for athletic abilities. Some are given for scholastic abilities. You have to compete to get your scholarship. You must do well, excel in something, show superior academic achievement.

L.: Does your son know what he wants to major in?

Jones: Not for sure. He hasn`t made up his mind yet, but I think it will be either mechanical or civil engineering.

К .: That s very good career for a boy.

Jones: Perhaps it is. I wanted him to be a lawyer, but he is keen on building bridges and things like that, that s why he applied for admission to a technical college last year.

Р .: Let s hope he`ll be a good engineer.

The English language

The English language developed from Anglo-Saxon and is a Germanic language. However, all the invading peoples, particularly the Norman French, influenced the English language and you can find many words in English which are French in origin. Nowadays all Welsh, Scottish and Irish people speak English (even if they speak their own language as well), but all the countries have their own special accents and dialects, and their people are easily recognizable as soon as they speak. Occasionally, people from the four countries in the United Kingdom have difficulty in understanding one another because of their different accents. A southern English accent is generally accepted to be the most easily understood, and is the accent usually taught to foreigners.

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