V Переведите с русского языка на английский
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1) Акции, купленные в этом инвестиционном фонде, принесут большие дивиденды их владельцам.

2) Какие иностранные и российские компании, представляющие консультационные услуги, ты знаешь?

3) Когда было зарегистрировано ваше товарищество?

4) Мой новый офис уже отремонтирован.

5) Я хочу, чтобы вы напечатали несколько писем.

Вариант III

I а) переведите текст в письменной форме;

б) выпишите глаголы в страдательном залоге и определите их время;

в) выпишите неличные формы глагола и определите их форму и функцию в предложении.

Exchanges in Russia

There are different types of exchanges all over the world. They are commodity exchanges, currency exchanges and stock exchanges.

The first exchanges in Russia were commodity exchanges as the country is rich in natural resources. Besides at the end of the 80s there was a growing shortage of goods and raw materials and the centrally planned system collapsed.

Currency exchanges have been operating in this country since 1989. Their task is to fix the official rates of exchange. In the course of the trading sessions freely-convertible currency is bought and sold for Russian roubles.

The first stock exchange, the Moscow International Stock Ex­change, was established in 1990. Among its founders were the Min­istry of Finance and a number of banks. The other stock exchange is the Moscow Central Stock Exchange which is closely connected with the Commodity Exchange and the regional stock exchanges. Stock exchanges regulate the circulation of shares issued by joint stock companies. All these types of exchanges help Russia improve its financial system during its transition to a market economy.

II Раскройте скобки, употребив инфинитив или герундий                   

1) My mother forgot (buy) sugar                                                           

2) She made me (go) to the supermarket. 

3) Have you finished (paint) the room yet?

4) I hope (see) you again.

5) May I (help) you?

III Образуйте следующие формы от глаголов

Deliver – Progressive Active Infinitive;

Include – Simple Passive Infinitive;

Park – Non-perfect Active Gerund;

Cook - Participle II;

Think – Participle I Simple;

IV Выберите правильный ответ

1) I’ve got (many, a lot, much) work to do to day.

2) He can speak English (few, a few, a little).

3) Is there (some, something, any) furniture in the room?

4) You may put the book (anywhere, anybody, anything).

5) (Some, somebody every) students speak two foreign languages.

V Переведите с русского языка на английский

1) Переговоры ведутся регулярно.

2) Большое количество потребительских товаров импортируется развивающими странами.

3) Люди, приобретающие акции различных государственных предриятий, способствуют развитию приватизации в России.

4) Мы хотели бы, чтобы вы создали совместное предприятие с одной из немецких фирм.

5) Где письма, полученные вчера.

Вариант IV

I а) переведите текст в письменной форме;

б) выпишите глаголы в страдательном залоге и определите их время;

в) выпишите неличные формы глагола и определите их форму и функцию в предложении.

Securities Markets

Securities are bought and sold at two types of securities markets: primary markets, which issue new securities, and secondary markets, where previously issued securities are bought and sold. If a company wants to sell a new issue of stock or bonds, it usually negotiates with an investment bank, or underwriter who sells the securities for it. The underwriter buys the securities from the corporation and resells then to individual investors through the secondary market.

Organized securities exchanges have developed to make the buying and selling of securities easier. The securities exchanges consist of the individual investors, brokers, and intermediaries who deal in the purchase and sale of securities. Securities exchanges do not buy or sell securities, they simply provide the location and services for the brokers who buy and sell.

Stock transactions are handled by a stockbroker. A stockbroker buys and sells securities for clients. Stockbrokers act on the clients’ orders. Stockbrokers receive a fee and are associated with a brokerage house. To trade on the exchange a “seat” must be purchased. A seat is a membership. The members represent stockbrokers. When a stockbroker calls in an order to sell, one member representing that broker looks for a buyer at the price requested. When a broker calls an order to buy, the exchange looks for a buyer at the price offered.

The largest and best known exchange in the USA is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), also called the “Big Board”- there are 1300 seats on the NYSE and approximately 2000 stocks and 3400 bonds are traded daily. In order to be dated on the NYSE, a firm has to meet the following requirements: 1) Pretax earnings of at least $ 2.5 million in the previous year.2) Tangible assets of at least $16 million. 3) At least 1 million shares of stock publicly held, and others.

The second largest stock exchange in the USA is the American Stock Exchange. It is located in Manhattan. AMEX operates in much the same way as NYSE, but smaller companies may qualify for listing.

There are also regional stock exchanges that serve regional markets.

About 5000 brokers sell & buy unlisted securities outside of the organized securities exchanges which are scattered all over the country. They trade unlisted stocks and bonds by phone and keep in contact with each other.

The prices of securities are established by supply and demand. Electronic screens in the offices of the brokerage firms display transactions, so brokers continually keep customers on the latest prices.

Options are trade on the major stock exchanges, but also on a special market bond options, the Chicago Bond Options Exchange (CBOE).

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