Match the adjectives on the left with their definitions on the right



after some time




the second of two



things or persons already mentioned




the smallest




coming immediately



after, in space or in order







f) at a greater distance




least good



h) coming after all others



in time or order

9) later

i) senior of members of



the family

10) worst



Choose the right variant

 Martin was the (more talented/most talented) of the two brothers. 2. Of the three shirts I like the blue one (better/best). 3. My dog is the (prettier/prettiest) of the two. 4. This summary is the (better/best) of the two presented. 5. There are nine planets in our solar system and Pluto is the (farther/farthest).


Translate into English.

1. Чем больше он говорит, тем меньше его слушают.

2. Чем длиннее ночь, тем короче день.

3. Чем скорее вы придитесь за работу, тем быстрее вы ее закончите.

4. Чем больше вы будете находиться на свежем воздухе, тем лучше вы будете себя чувствовать.

5. Чем меньше женщину мы любим, тем больше нравимся мы ей.

6. Чем внимательнее вы будете делать домашнее задание, тем меньше ошибок вы сделаете.

Supply the correct form for the verbs in brackets.

1. You (get up) when the alarm-clock (ring).

2. My friend (like) apples very much but I (prefer) pears.

3. She (have) a nice house in the country where we (spend) every summer.

4. In spring nature (return) to life.

5. Kate (arrive) home from work at about seven every evening.

6. 1 (sleep) eight hours every night.

7. Jet engines (make) a lot of noise.

8. Every Saturday my friends and I (go) to the dancing hall.

9. What you are telling me (frighten) me greatly.

10. The news (shock) everybody in the house,

11. The sea (cover) two thirds of the world.

12. Usually the wind (blow) from the North in these part

Ask alternative questions. Use the words or phrases in brackets. The first sentence has already been done for you.


1. She walks to the station. (go by bus)

Does she walk to the station or go there by bus?

2. My mother takes a nap in the afternoon. (go for a walk)

3. Mr. Brook keeps his car in a garage. (Mr. Cloony)

4. The plane takes off in ten minutes. (land in ten minutes)

5. Father usually gets up early. (late)

6. The children learn English at school. (Spanish)

7. My brother takes his bath in the moning. (in the evening)

8. Tom lives in this street. (his brother)

9. I often see her in the gym. (in the library)




Supply the correct form for the verbs in brackets.

1. Our parents (come) back from Turkey.

2. She (travel) abroad now.

3. At the moment John (fly) over the ocean.

4. Can you hear those people? What they (talk) about?

5. He always (forget) things.

6. Look! Somebody (carry) your bags.

7. Don't rush as. We (work) as fast as we can.

8. I can't believe a word he says. He (lie) always.

9. You always (look) for faults.

10. Can't you see that they (shoot) at us?


Choose the correct form.

1. Our cousin to spend this Christmas with us.

A. is coming

B. comes

2. My boss at the Baltimore hotel when he is in London.

A. always stays

B. is always staying

3. You'd better keep away. They .

A. are always quarrelling

B. always quarrel

4. Show me what you behind your back.

A. are hiding

B. hide

5. You can find Tom at the Ritz. He there.

A. stays

B. is staying


supply the correct form for the verbs in brackets.

1. I think she (fall) in love with Adam. She is so happy.

2. I just (find) the money which I was looking for.

3. Come quickly! There (be) an accident.

4. We (read) about their adventure in the morning newspaper.

5. Where is David? What (happen) to him?

6. How many times I (tell) you to take off your coat when you come into a hot room?

7. Why are they crying so? They (be) so quiet all the afternoon, not a sound out of them. What can be the matter?


Rewrite the sentences using the Present Perfect Continuous and the words in italics.

1. The famous detective is travelling in America. (since the beginning of autumn)

2. The children are drawing. (since they were left alone)

3. Oh, dear! They are quarrelling again. (all morning)

4. The secretary is typing the report. (for two days)

5. The girl is walking her dog in the park. (since 4 o'clock)

6. Is he still sitting there? (Since when ?)

7. The children are taking a music lesson. (for two hours)


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