Заполните пропуски. Используйте much или many

She has got many duties. She hasn't got much time.

1) Don't drink so _________ coffee. It's bad for you.

 2) There are so _________ рlасеs of interest in St. Petersburg!    

3) _________ in this work was too difficult for me.

4) _________ of their answers were excellent.

5) I never eat _________ bread.


26. Спросите . Начните с How much ...? или How many...?                                                                      'There are some Masters of Sports in our group.'

'How many Masters of Sports are there in your group?'

1) There are some books on the desk.' ' How _________________________________________?'

2) 'I 've got some friends.' '________________________________________________________?'

3) I have got some money ' _______________________________________________________?'

4) 'I've got some coffee'. '_________________________________________________________?'

5) 'He has some beautiful pictures' '________________________________________________?'


27 . Ответьте на вопросы. Используйте a little или a few .

  'Have you got any time?'      'A little.'

"Have you got any books with you?' 'A few .'

1) 'Does she speak English?' ' ___________.'

2) 'Did he ask any questions?' '___________ .'

3) 'Were you afraid? ' '___________ .' 

4) 'Am I late?' '___________ .'

5) 'Have you got many friends?' '___________ .'

6) 'Are you tired?' '___________ .'

7) 'Have you got any difficulties?" ___________.'


Заполните пропуски в предложениях. Используйте a little или a few.

Can you help me a little?

1) 'Would you like some coffee?" 'Yes ___________'

2) Don't buy so much coffee, buy ___________.

3) Don't close the window. We need ___________ fresh air.

4) There were ___________ athletes in the gym.

5) "Does he train much?' 'No, only ___________ times a month.'


29 . Заполните пропуски, используй can пли can ' t + глагол, данный в скобках.

Mike... (run) very fast.     Mike can run very fast.

They ...(not/understand) French. They can't understand French.

1) Kate ___________ (speak English) well.

2) You ___________ (not/lift) this box: it is too heavy.

3) My friend ___________ (not/come) in time.

4) My brother ___________ (help).

5) She ___________ (not/see) well. She has to wear glasses.


30. Заполните пропуски , используя could или couldn't + глагол , данный в скобках .

Не ... (swim) the English Channel. He could swim the English Channel.

She...(not/solve) the problem. She couldn't solve the problem.

1) They ________________ (win) the prize.

2) He ________________ (not/perform) the exercise perfectly.

3) We ________________ (not/go) to the disco yesterday. We had a training session.

4) He ________________ (pass/the exam) in time.

5) She ________________ (win/a title) at the Olympics.


Заполните пропуски, используя may . Переведите на русский язык.

I take your pen? May I take your pen?

1) You ________ help him. ________________________________________________________

2) He ________ practice more. He is well. ____________________________________________

3) You ________ phone me at night. ________________________________________________

4) You ________ ask him about it. __________________________________________________

5) You ________ lake my bag. _____________________________________________________

6) We ________ do it. ____________________________________________________________


Перепишите каждое из следующих предложений дважды: в прошедшем и в будущем времени. Переведите.

1) You must listen to your coach.




2) You must take your examination in English.




3) The doctor must examine the child.




4) You must take part in the competitions.




5) He must work hard to reach the top.  





6) He must start getting ready for his exam.






33. Составьте вопросы.

I have to leave early.    Why do you have to leave early?

1) I had to do something. What ___________________________________________________?

2) I have to stay at home. Why____________________________________________________?

3) I'll have to get up early tomorrow. What time _______________________________________?

4) I'll have to visit somebody tomorrow. Who _________________________________________?

5) She had to wait a long time. How long ____________________________________________?

6) He will have to work all summer. Why ____________________________________________?


34. В следующих предложениях измените время глагола на Present Perfect . Переведите предложения на русский язык. Используйте already .                                                                                   I ' m having my breakfast . I have already had my breakfast.                                                                            1) We are drinking water. _________________________________________________________.                                                                                                                                             2) He is bringing them the book. ____________________________________________________.                                                                                                                             3) She is putting the dishes on the table. _____________________________________________.                                                                                                                                4) They are having tea. ___________________________________________________________.                                                                                                                                                       5) She is doing the wasting up. ____________________________________________________.                                                                                                                                        6) They are putting on their running shoes. ___________________________________________.                                                                                                                   7) The students are taking a test. ___________________________________________________.                                                                                                                                       

Заполните пропуски . Используйте Present Perfect.

 Nick studies English. He has studied English for two years.

I live in St. Petersburg. I have lived in St.Petersburg since childhood.

1) John practices wrestling. He ____________________________________________for 7 years.

2) Mary practices gymnastics. She ________________________________________ for 10 years.                       

3) Jane works as a coach. She ____________________________________________ as a coach since the beginning of the year.

4) We study at the Lesgaft State University. We ____________________________________ from September.

5) They practice swimming. They _________________________________________ for twelve years.


Раскройте скобки, используя Past Perfect .

There weren't many old friends in the town. They... (leave). They had left.

 1) I didn't recognize many people. They _______________________________ (change) a lot.

2) My favorite dog wasn't alive. It ____________________________________________ (die).         

3) John wasn't a student any longer. He____________________________ (became) a doctor.

4) Rose wasn't a schoolgirl any longer. She __________________________(get married) and (have two children).


Изучите информацию в таблице. Составьте предложения по образцу. Расскажите о том, что вы или ваш друг/родственник выполнит к указанному сроку.

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